Sea Serpents and Water UFOs

      On the map it says, “here be sea serpents and dragons”, alluding to an unknown, uncharted part of the ocean. The newspapers of “long” ago regularly had these creatures in their pages, and even some those of not that many years ago. Of course, as we have found out in the UFO field, many UFOs are attributable to natural phenomenon or manmade objects, and in like manner back then, many of these observations were of the same. BUT …… what if SOME of the observations were of something else? What if these descriptions, given the knowledge of the times, were quite different than what was actually observed? Our problem here is that the witnesses are gone, the paper that published it is probably gone, and who knows what the article that was published represents? Fill or fact?

       In doing some reading about sea serpents, I was “nudged” uncomfortably by the sentences that brought to mind, not an animal or fish, but what I had come to see as physical observations of a craft. One only has to understand that the technology of then and now, forces us NOW, to think along the lines of THEN, in order to comprehend the similar views with different perspective on the event.

      In the following texts, I will put the cases that come closest to being that case of mistaken identity, as I see it, with explanations of why I think it might belong to the water UFO field.