Abductions and Water UFOs


Abductions In Relation To Water UFOs


In this section I list the various UFO abduction stories, in essence, only to reveal the physical changes observed by the abductees, on the water environment, just as physical changes were observed in other sections by non-abductees. Whether one believes in the reality of abductions or not, the stories of the physical aspects of the UFOs involved in these tales remains consistent with the stories described by others that have NOT been abducted. I therefore feel that this is our only chance to view the water-UFO phenomenon from an insider’s (in the true meaning) perspective, and therefore feel it is a necessary part of the overall view of UFOs. The text presented is only a minute part of the total story. I heartily recommend reading the books involved as all are quite interesting and pertinent in the overall abduction story. In the very least, it shows that “abductees” besides being Astronauts can also be Aquanauts.


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