UFOs – Taking On Water

Section 2 - by Seemingly Unconventional Means


This type of case involves a UFO hovering over water. The witness describes a column of fog, mist, haze or water ascending from the surface of the water, up to the craft. The terminology generally used in the description of the observation is “sucking up water”. This column, I believe, is caused by the rotation of a field in a vertical plane that encompasses the UFO. This is best visualized by going back to physics 101, and by inserting a bar magnet vertically into the center of the UFO, sprinkling iron filings on it, and observing the magnetic lines of force going up from the top (North Pole) arcing to the sides and down, and then going back up through the bottom (South Pole – see figure 1). As this field rotates it causes a fiction on the abutting atmosphere, causing an updraft at the bottom. This, and what in most cases is seen as a horizontal rotation of one part of the UFO, causes a swirling vortex to be formed below the UFO. This can be equated to a vortex similar to a person rotating a finger through still waters in a pot of water at a rapid rate – eventually causing a maelstrom to occur.    

       My paper “Physical Influences of a UFO on Water” explains this process in more detail and can be read at: . It is based, in part, on he cases listed below.


Waterspout: 1. A moving, whirling column of spray and mist, with masses of water in the lower parts, accumulated because of a tornado at sea or on other large bodies of water.

Definition – New Illustrated Webster’s Dictionary, 1992
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F - Specific location of a constructed group of cases :
08-LL-1914 Near Georgia Bay, Canada Two accounts - John Magor / Timothy Beckley S 11
08-27-1917 Outside Grand Harbour, Malta Malta UFO Research, see case for URL S 11
??-??-1954 Unnamed stream near Cincinnati, OH, USA 1954 Humanoid reports, compiled by Albert Rosales O 11
02-??-1955 Ocean Beach near San Diego, Calif., USA Fate Magazine, April 1958, p. 114 O 11
??-??-1957 São Sebastião, Brazil Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 7, No. 5, pp. 18-20 S 11
08-17-1961 Lake Becker near Bralorne, British Columbia, Canada Humanoid Reports 1976 by Albert Rosales, #77 S 11
09-24-1961 Baltic Sea off £eba, Poland Official UFO Magazine, May 1977, Vol. 2, No. 3 S 11
??-??-1964 Casitas Dam near Ventura, CA, USA Skylook (Orig. MUFON Journal), Sept. 1974, p. 8 O 11
08-??-1965 The Red Sea The Soviet UFO Files by Paul Stonehill O 11
03-26-1966 Atlantic Ocean off Florida Keys, USA Strange Encounters by Timothy Beckley, pp. 86-87 S 11
04-01-1966 Unnamed lake near Corpus Christi, Texas, USA Website: National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC). URL in text S 11
08-04-1971 Tyrrhenian Sea off Milazzo, Italy USOCAT From The Italian Center for UFO Studies S 11
08-15-1971 Unknown location along New River, Guyana National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) O 11
SM-LL-1973 Clackamas River, near West Linn, Oregon, USA MUFON UFO Journal, #320, December 1994, p. 19 O 11
06-15-1980 Unnamed pond near Wapello, Iowa, USA Website: National UFO Reporting Center, P. Davenport O 11
09-30-1980 Water tank on farm near Rosedale, Victoria, Australia Australian UFO Researcher Bill Chalker. URL in text O 11
07-17-1992 Atlantic Ocean near Iguape, Brazil UFO Danger Zone, by Bob Pratt O 11
04-26-1994 Santa Rosa Sound, Gulf Breeze, Florida, USA UFOs Are Real: Here's The Proof - Walters/Maccabee O 11
02-27-1995 Mersey River near Fiddlers Ferry, UK O 11
LL-??-1996 La Esperanza Bay, Vieques Island Puerto Rico Several referances see text of case O 11
07-25-2000 Caribbean Sea off the south coast of Vieques Island Website: National UFO Center. URL in text S 36
06-27-2006 Pacific Ocean off Punta San Antonio, Mexico E-Mail to O 11
02-24-2007 Unnamed Lake in West Lakes, South Australia E-Mail from HBCC UFO Research, Canada O 11
02-02-2009 Small stream near Cinderford, United Kingdom E-mail to UFO UpDates by Joe Faccenda O 11
04-26-2011 Lake Finnvikvatnet, Tromsø, Norway UFO (UFO-Norway journal), no. 2/2011, pages 4+6 O 11