UFOs – Taking On Water

Section 1 - by Conventional Means


       On this page we find our friends taking water into the ship via various means. Sometimes they are like the next-door neighbor coming for a cup of sugar, and at other times they are pumping water into the ship via hoses, pipes or tubes from a body of water.

      The need for water to all Earthly life forms is quite evident, and I’m sure we can extend this need to other life forms as well. There has been speculation that they are testing our water for pollutants, or simply for drinking. Of course this planet could be considered the local “gas station” if their power is derived from H2O. So, of itself there is very little significance to this act of taking on water . . . except that there is another observation of “taking on water” that is reported and yet implies something else.   

       The cases I refer to are the ones where no beings or hoses, pipes, and tubes are seen, just a column of water between the surface of the water and the ship. On a radio show awhile back (2002), a guest was relating this type of water column and thought that the water was being funneled into another dimension, because the ship, obviously could not contain all the water he witnessed going up to it. This type of “Taking on Water” really deserves a separate section. To this end I have divided this section into “Section 1 – Taking on water by conventional means and “Section 2 – Apparently taking on water” Each contains its own list for clarity.