…..Here There Be Sea Serpents And Dragons…..

Or USOs / UFOs

Caution ye who tread here……

       While it is obvious that UFOs that enter or exit bodies of water must also navigate beneath it, it does not follow that an object, known only to be totally submerged and given the label of “Mysterious Unknown Underwater Object”, is not necessarily a UFO. The following article from a newspaper illustrates the possibility of attributing too much to the “Mysterious”. Following this paper report I will begin the List/Text of articles ascribed to UFOs that are TOTALLY submerged. However – as in UFO cases, if they are not seen visually or by sonar, or hopefully both, and do not perform beyond the capabilities of modern craft, they should only be regarded as mistaken objects that probably have a rational explanation. NO “BUMP” IN THE WATER CAN MAKE A CLAIM OF AN “ET CRAFT”!   


Trawler Snags Atom Sub, Is Nearly Pulled to Bottom        
       GROTON, Conn. May 2 (UP). The $55,000,000 atom powered submarine Nautilus narrowly escaped tragedy off the New Jersey coast April 22 when it tangled with a net and nearly dragged a little fishing trawler and its crew to the bottom of the Atlantic, the Navy disclosed today.
       The Nautilus, the world’s first example of nuclear-powered transportation, suffered only $1,300 damage to a running light and a scratch on the superstructure, the Navy said.         
       But while it was being repaired here last Saturday, a small fire was started by a welder’s torch. The blaze ignited cork insulation and burned paint from the hull. The Navy said damage from the fire , the third to break out on the Nautilus, was slight.         
       The captain of the trawler estimated his damage also at $1,300---In fish and gear that was towed away by the submarine, which apparently never surfaced after the mishap and continued on it course to Groton with its crew unaware of the near tragedy.      
       Tonnes Anderson, Point Pleasant Beach, N.J., skipper of the 61-foot trawler Jennie, made his estimate last Friday in telling of his strange encounter with what then was to him a mysterious undersea object. One of his crew members thought it was a sea serpent, but another said he believed it was a submarine. The size of his crew was not disclosed.         
       Anderson told Third Naval District officials about the incident. He said it occurred while he was dragging for fluke about 140 miles southeast of New York in 60 fathoms of water on Sunday, April 22.
       Engineer Shirley Friend said the Jennie suddenly lurched to a halt and then was drawn backward. The winch cable to the fishing net became taut, he said, and the stern of the vessel began to sink. The deck was level with the water, he said, when the cable suddenly snapped.     
       Naval officials investigated the story and the mystery finally was solved today by Commander John Dudley, flag secretary for the commander of submarine forces of the Atlantic Fleet.                                                                                                                               
This reference: The Wilmington Morning News, Wilmington, DE, May 3, 1956, p. 19, c. 4-6.