In The Snow


1. Precipitation taking the form of minute ice crystals formed from an aqueous vapor in the air when the temperature is below 32° F., and usually falling in irregular masses or flakes.

        New Illustrated Webster’s Dictionary of the English Language, © 1992

In short . . . yet another state of water. On this page I hope to accumulate cases in which traces such as imprints or melting of the fallen snow or steam/fog/mist is produced by contact of the UFO with “snow”.

List of Reports




Column contents as indicated by the following letters
A - Date of sighting (MM-DD-YEAR)
B - Status column. Single letter or symbol. "C" Controversy, "D" Validity Doubtful, "E" Date Error, "H" Proven Hoax,
     "M" Misidentification, "N" Not water-related but shown as such, "U" Unknown, "X" No UFO seen/Text not entered
C - Location of sighting
D - Source of this article.
E - The letter "O" in this column will indicate that the reference is the Original. The letter "S" will indicate that this is a

Secondary source. The letter "N" will indicate that the source is Needed.

F - Specific location of a constructed group of cases :
12-24-1903 Well in Szuhabaranka, Hungary Humanoid Reports 1900-1909 by Albert Rosales, #5 O 5
02-22-1922 Hubbell, Nebraska. United States Anatomy of a Phenomenon by Jacques Vallee, p. 22 S 5
12-??-1943 In the snow at Oslofjorden, Norway UFO-NORGE. See URL on the case S 5
11-23-1954 Torpo, Norway CSI Newsletter, issue # 7, May 1, 1957, p.16 S 5
03-08-1957 Snow - Baudette, Minnesota, USA Flying Saucers: Top Secret by Donald Keyhoe S 05
01-??-1958 Snow at Niagara Falls/Depew, NY, USA Fate magazine, Vol. 21, #2, February 1968, pp. 57-58 S 5
??-??-1959 Snow - Kolding, Denmark Website: UFO Casebook. URL in text O 5
01-12-1965 Snow on farm near Curtis, Washington, USA Our UFO Visitors by John Magor, p. 211, © 1977 S 5
11-29-1965 Snow by Springhill, Nova Scotia, Canada Passport to Magonia by Jacques Vallee, p. 321 S 5
03-24-1966 Snow - Cook, Minnesota Website: NICAP: The 1966 UFO Chronology S 5
01-09-1967 Snow - Malta, Montana, USA “Phillips County News” Thursday January19, 1967 O 5
01-29-1967 Snow - Knox City, Missouri, USA Ted Phillips Case investigation O 5
02-14-1967 Snow - Hannon, Ontario, Canada Website: NICAP: The 1967 UFO Chronology S 05
02-21-1967 Snow - Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA NICAP report by W. G. Martiny, February 23, 1967 O 5
02-23-1967 Snow - Severna Park, Maryland, USA News–American, of Baltimore, Maryland, Feb. 24, 1967 O 5
01-??-1968 Baraga, Michigan, USA Situation Red, The UFO Siege! By Leonard H. Stringfield S 5
12-26-1968 Berlin, New Hampshire, USA The Lewiston (Maine), Daily Sun of December 30, 1968 O 05
02-10-1969 Snow - Dartmouth, Massachusetts, USA UFOs: Interplanetary Visitors by Raymond Fowler O 05
??-??-1970 State of Iowa, USA; location unknown MUFON Journal, #509, p.14, dated September 2010 S 5
01-03-1971 Snow/Ice - Saapunki, Finland Flying Saucer Review (FSR), September/October 1971 O 05
01-21-1971 Snow - Brush Mountain, Idaho, USA The Idaho Statesman, Boise, Idaho, January 23, 1971 O 5
02-05-1971 Snow - Kangaskylä, Kinnula, Finland Website Website: UFO Evidence. URL in the text S 05
11-02-1971 Farm in Delphos, Kansas, USA Encounters with UFO Occupants by C. and J. Lorenzen S 5
01-08-1973 Ellenboro, North Carolina, USA Website: URL is in text S 05
12-05-1973 Snow - southwest of Underwood, Iowa, USA Website: URL in text S 05
WW-??-1973? Snow - Stratham, New Hampshire UFO News Clipping Service, June 2008 + URL O 5
03-13-1975 In the snow near Mellen, Wisconsin, USA Encounters with UFO occupants by C & J Lorenzen O 5
01-12-1976 Snow - Brantford, Ontario, Canada The Brantford Expositor, Brantford, Ont., Jan. 12, 1976 O 5
01-06-1977 Rue Casgrain in the city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada Website: URL is in text S 05
11-14-1979 Snow - Killaly, Saskatchewan, Canada The Melville Advance, Wednesday, November 21, 1979 O 5
11-16-1979 A park in central Moscow, Russia Website: URL in text S 05
02-10-1982 Snow - Willernie, Minnesota, USA Website: NICAP: “The 1982 UFO Chronology” S 5
02-10-1982 Mist – Escanaba, Michigan, USA International UFO Reporter (IUR), May-June 1982, pp. 8-11. O 05
01-04-1988 Snow - Vetterslev, Denmark Website: NICAP: The 1988 UFO Chronology: URL in text S 05
03-03-1992 Snowstorm – Concord, New Hampshire, USA Website: URL in text S
01-07~08-2000 Trout Lake, Washington, USA Website: UFO RESEARCH CENTER O 05
02-21-2003 Wellington, Prince Edward Island, Canada National UFO Reporting Center (See report for URL) O 5