Water — smaller than a drop.




    In the accounts presented here, there are several observed atmospheric conditions that appear similar and in some cases, they are mentioned as if they were equivalent in meaning.

    Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes, is quoted as saying: “It is a capital mistake to theorize before you have all the evidence. Insensibly, one begins to twist the facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts. It biases the judgment.”

    Many eyewitness accounts of UFOs contain terms for various observable conditions often associated with the weather. However, in the cases presented here, it is often not the weather which is responsible for what the witness observes. In some cases, it may be the result of the UFO’s hot, ionized field coming into contact with water, causing it to turn to steam. In non-water-related cases, what the witness notices could be a UFO’s partially visible field in an early morning or twilight period, and the witness might unwittingly describe this using a weather-related term. Due to the fact that different conditions affect visibility, a person’s perception of distance may be altered between him/her and the nearest observable reference point, such as a tree, a house, etc. In most UFO cases, distances are probably one of the last things that one thinks of in the excitement of the moment. Words such as cloud, fog, haze, smoke, steam, and vapor could be used interchangeably in the texts of the following reports, since witnesses may refer to them as if they were the same. Consequently, it is necessary to remember the relationship of the following definitions:

cloud - 1. A visible mass of condensed water vapor suspended in the atmosphere, consisting of minute droplets or ice crystals. 2. A mass of smoke, dust, steam, etc.

fog – Condensed watery vapor suspended in the atmosphere at or near the earth’s surface.

haze – 1. Very fine suspended particles in the air, often with little or no moisture. 2. A thin vapor of fog, smoke, dust, etc. in the air that reduces visibility.

mist – 1. A large mass of water vapor at or just above the earth’s surface and like a fog, but less dense. 2. A cloud of dust, smoke, gas, etc.

smoke – 1. The volatilized products of the combustion of an organic compound, as coal, wood, etc., charged with fine particles of carbon or soot; less properly, fumes, steam, etc. 2. Any vapor, fume, mist, etc. resembling smoke.

steam – 1. Water in the form of vapor. [#2 is of particular interest to us.] 2. The gas or vapor into which water is changed by boiling.

vapor – 1. Moisture in the air: especially, visible floating moisture, as light mist. 2. Any light, cloudy substance in the air, as smoke or fumes.

List of Reports




Column contents as indicated by the following letters
A - Date of sighting (MM-DD-YEAR)
B - Status column. Single letter or symbol. "C" Controversy, "D" Validity Doubtful, "E" Date Error, "H" Proven Hoax,
     "M" Misidentification, "N" Not water-related but shown as such, "U" Unknown, "X" No UFO seen/Text not entered
C - Location of sighting
D - Source of this article.
E - The letter "O" in this column will indicate that the reference is the Original. The letter "S" will indicate that this is a

Secondary source. The letter "N" will indicate that the source is Needed.

F - Specific location of a constructed group of cases :
04-02-1716 Tallinn; previously Revel, Estonia. Baltic Sea Wonders in the Sky, by J. Vallee and Chris Aubeck S 00
09-08-1767 River Isla, near Coupar Angus, Scotland, UK Filers Files #34, August 28, 2000 S 00
08-18-1868 Off Crowdy Head, New South Wales, Australia The Queenslander, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia O 00
02-24-1893 South China Sea Mysteries of the Skies by G. I. Lore and H. Deneault S 00
03-09-1908 Cook Strait off Farewell Spit, New Zealand Marlborough Express, Volume XLVI, Issue 179 O 00
02-11-1937 Off the coast of Norway, near Kvalsvik Ocean Based UFOs Ring the U.S. by John Keel O 00
12-??-1950 In Korean Waters near Inchon Naval Aviation News, February 1951 O 00
07-18-1952 White smoke at Pouilly, France Challenge to Science: The UFO Enigma by J. & J. Vallee O 00
??-??-1952 Off Francavilla al Mare, Italy USOCAT From The Italian Center for UFO Studies S 00
04-14-1953 A brook near St.-Symphorien, Deux-Sèvres, France Flying Saucers Come from Another World by J. Guieu O 00
11-28-1953 Guaporé River near Pedras Negras, Brazil Encounters with UFO occupants by C. & J. Lorenzen S 00
09-20-1954 Pacific Ocean, 45 miles west of Ensenada, Mexico Long Beach Press-Telegram - September 21, 1954 O 00
03-24-1955 Rhoslefain, Wales, UK Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 11, No. 6 Nov./Dec. 1965 O 00
??-??-1955 Unnamed place in the Gulf of Mexico Flying Saucers-Serious Business by F. Edwards, p.129 O 00
??-??-1956 Pantano del Pintado, Sevilla, Spain Humanoid Reports 1956 by Albert Rosales, #6 O 00
09-16-1957 Lake Huron near Port Huron, Michigan, USA News clip, Hammond Times, dated 09-16-1957 O 00
07-20-1959 Yellow Sea, southeast of Che ju-Do Island Project Blue Book Record Card O 00
02-05-1960 Mediterranean Sea off Capo Passero, Italy USOCAT From The Italian Center for UFO Studies S 00
08-28-1960 Oyster Bay Harbor, Long Island, New York, USA News clip, Long Island Daily Press, Aug. 29, 1960 O 00
02-27-1961 Sea between Outer & Inner Hebrides Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 7, No. 3, May/June 1961 S 00
09-21-1961 Pacific Ocean between Wake Is. and Honolulu The UFO Evidence (Vol. 1) by Richard H. Hall, p. 125/6 O 14
FF-??-1961 North Sea, position unknown E-mail from Albert Rosales dated May 18, 2013. O 00
08-21~22-1963 A sound called Kagsund off Skjærvøy, Norway Pegasus 4, Vol. 3?, 1972. Thanks to CUFOS O 00
09-12-1963 Atlantic Ocean off Cape Cod, MA, USA UFOs over the Americas by J. & C. Lorenzen, p. 53 O 00
08-20-1964 Sea off Oysterville, WA, USA Invisible Residents by Ivan T. Sanderson, p. 42 S 00
08-03-1965 Barking Sand, Kauai, Hawaii The San Francisco Examiner, August 05, 1965 O 00
09-10-1965 Mediterranean Sea off Le Brusc, France FSR Case Histories, Supplement #14, April 1973 O 00
03-18-1966 Atlantic Ocean off Deseado, Argentina Invisible Residents by Ivan T. Sanderson, pp. 57-58 S 00
10-25-1966 Tyrrhenian Sea off the Islands of ponza, Italy USOCAT by The Italian Center for UFO Studies S 00
07-23-1968 Coquimbo, Chile UFO DNA. URL is in text S 00
03-22-1971 Monterey Bay, Marina, California, USA INFO Journal, Vol. 3, #2, Spring 1973, p. 19 S 00
09-??-1971 Unnamed lake at Arroyo de la Miel, Spain OLMOS/CUFOS:Catalog Spain & Portugal, p. 34 O 00
02-09-1973 Bay of Biscay, off Le Porzou (Concarneau), France Les O.V.N.I. en Bretagne: Anatomie d’un Phénomène O 00
SP-??-1973 Tyrrhenian Sea, Along the Aeolian Islands, Italy USOCAT From The Italian Center for UFO Studies S 00
02-16-1977 Knysna Lagoon, South Africa South Africa Times, Cape Town, S. A., Feb 19. 1977 O 00
10-13-1977 U Adriatic Sea off Manfredonia, Italy USOCAT From The Italian Center for UFO Studies S 00
10-30-1977 Smoke - Sonora, California, USA Website: NICAP: The 1977 UFO Chronology S 00
12-22-1977 Atlantic Ocean, near Boston, MA, USA The APRO Bulletin, April 1978, pp. 5-6 O 00
09-28-1978 Tyrrhenian Sea off Pesaro, Italy USOCAT From The Italian Center for UFO Studies S 00
11-28-1978 Ligurian Sea off San Remo, Italy USOCAT From The Italian Center for UFO Studies S 00
11-30-1979 Waters off Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico “fenómeno OVNI”, Vol. 2 No. 7, pp. 21-22 O 00
02-11-1980 Concepcion Bay, Chile Website: The Unreal World of UFOs by Bob Pratt O 00
12-29-1984 Mediterranean Sea , off Myrtos, Crete International UFO Reporter (IUR), Vol. 4, No. 3, p. 18 S 00
07-27-1985 Golfe de Frejus, France Lumieres dans la Nuit (Paris) Issue # 306 O 00
10-30-1991 Ionian Sea off Acicastello, Italy USOCAT From The Italian Center for UFO Studies S 00
04-12-1992 Smoke - near Deming, New Mexico, USA Website: NICAP S 00
04-??-1993 Liverpool Bay near West Kirby, Wirral, England Albert Rosales’s CD: Humanoid reports 1991 S
08-13-1999 Strait of Otranto near San Foca, Italy USOCAT by The Italian Center for UFO Studies (CISU) S
11-24-1999 Water tank & 2 cisterns emptied at Santa Fe, Argentina Inexplicata - The Journal of Hispanic Ufology. O 00
07-13-2002 Strait of Georgia off Vancouver, B.C., Canada National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), Davenport O 00
11-10-2005 Ligurian Sea off Genoa, Italy USOCAT From The Italian Center for UFO Studies S 00
12-18-2007 Caribbean Sea betwn Puerto Rico and St. Thomas - of UFOS Northwest O 00
08-09-2009 Ionian Sea off Catanzaro, Italy USOCAT by The Italian Center for UFO Studies S 00
02-05-2013 Ligurian Sea off Marina di Pisa, Italy UFO Notiziario (UFO News) magazine, (C.U.N.), n. 6, May 2013, pp. 6-7 O 33