RAdio Detecting And Ranging / SOund Navigation And Ranging

A little WW-2 story from the newspapers of the day follows:

Fish Noises Confuse Sub Crews ON Look Out for Sounds of Foe   

Denizens of Deep Grunt, Purr, drum find Grind Their Teeth With Surprising Effect, Men at Earphones Of Undersea Craft Find; Navy Records Disturbing Blasts         

       WASHINGTON, Aug. 19 (AP). -- U. S. submarines turning corners at 10 fathoms or so have pulled up in surprise and wonderment at hearing such raucous sounds as "honk, honk! beep, beep!--g-r-rrrr!"

       The men with the earphones who listen to what gees on while their craft is slithering through the briny deep, often confuse these noises with the hum of enemy propellers, and signal for a quick stop, look, listen.

       But, as it turned out today, the eerie underwater traffic noises often are caused by fish.

Yes, sir. Fish.

       The fish and wildlife service of the Interior Department has reported to its chief, Secretary Ickes, that little fishes are as noisy as dishes, when rattled.

       "Fish," said the F. and W. service in a formal report, "actually grunt, purr, drum, grind their teeth and make a medley of other sounds that create strong underwater vibrations even when inaudible on the surface."


       The F. and W. service, aided and abetted by the Navy, has made a series of recordings of fish noises which are being drummed into the ears of submarine "listeners" so that they will know the difference between an ichthyological burp and a Japanese propeller.

       "The Navy experts," said the report to Mr. Ickes, "obtained their most surprising results with the toadfish, a common species of the Atlantic coast known for its ugliness and its bad temper. Although advised by fish and wildlife service biologists that the toadfish is an important sound-producer, the investigators were unprepared for the volume of its voice which they said compared in intensity with a steam-boat whistle."

      "Fishes capable," the report went on, "of making drumming, grating, or grunting noises are found both in fresh and salt water in all parts of the world. Whether fishes use their voices to attract, the opposite sex, as a feeding call, or to express general contentment like a cat's purr is not known."                                                                                                                          


This reference: (Wilmington, Delaware) Journal-Every Evening, August 19, 1943, p. 10, C1 

Nice to know we can detect small fishes and obviously, large undersea submarines. Now how about those “U.F.Othercraft ????

       This page is for the accumulation of cases that deal with Radar or Sonar so that we can see from them, what to expect in “returns”. Admittedly, the greatest number of cases will come from Radar inasmuch as it encompasses aerial UFOs as well as those on the surface.

List of Reports




Column contents as indicated by the following letters
A - Date of sighting (MM-DD-YEAR)
B - Status column. Single letter or symbol. "C" Controversy, "D" Validity Doubtful, "E" Date Error, "H" Proven Hoax,
     "M" Misidentification, "N" Not water-related but shown as such, "U" Unknown, "X" No UFO seen/Text not entered
C - Location of sighting
D - Source of this article.
E - The letter "O" in this column will indicate that the reference is the Original. The letter "S" will indicate that this is a

Secondary source. The letter "N" will indicate that the source is Needed.

F - Specific location of a constructed group of cases :
11-01-1944 Pacific Ocean, En route Milne Bay, New Guinea E-mail from Francis Ridge dated April 25, 2013 S 09
11-16-1944 En route to Leyte, Philippine Island Website: NICAP. URL in text S 09
01~02-??-1945 Pasco Naval Air Station, Washington, USA Strange Company by Keith Chester p. 142 S 09
02-07-1945 Pacific Ocean, Federated States of Micronesia Website: NICAP. URL in text S 09
08-??-1945 About 600 miles ESE of Kyushu, Japan NICAP’s The UFO Investigator, Vol. IV, No. 5, March 1968, p. 7 O 09
01~08-??-1947 Pacific Ocean, Position unknown E-mail to C. Feindt, dated Dec. 27, 2007 O 09
11-10-1950 Pacific Ocean off Southern California, USA News clip from the Modesto (California) Bee O 9
02-10-1951 Atlantic, off Newfoundland, Canada UFO Investigator (NICAP), Sep. 1970 p3 & Oct 1970 p3 O 9
FF-??-1951 Pacific Ocean off Korea Keyhoe/Flying Saucers: Top Secret + O 9
02-02-1952 Sea of Japan off the east coast of Korea Website: Filer’s Files #43-2012. URL in text S 09
04?-??-1952 Atlantic Ocean near Cape Chidley, Labrador, Canada Letter to researcher Carl Feindt dated 05 Dec. 2008 O 9
07-10-1952 Location unknown, just off the coast of Korea Two newspaper clips dated August 02, 1952 O 09
08-05-1952 Over Tokyo Bay, Japan Book: Report on Unidentified Flying Objects by Edward J. Ruppelt O 09
11-05-1957 Gulf of Mexico, South of New Orleans, USA Flying Saucers: Top Secret by Major Donald Keyhoe O 9
??-??-1957 Bering Sea E-mail to me (CF) on February 03, 2006, at 12:47 p.m. S 9
SM-??-1957 Pacific Ocean off the coast of California Website: UFO URL in text O 9
04-04-1959 Indian Ocean Strange Encounters by Timothy Beckley, pp. 85-86 S 9
06-30-1959 North Atlantic Ocean, position unknown Website: National UFO Reporting Center O 9
??-??-1961 North Atlantic Ocean George Fawcett, Psychic Observer, Vol. 3, No. 11 S 9
??-??-1962 Bass Strait, Australia Multiple - UFO Research Queensland, Australia O 9
02-28?-1963 30-50 miles off Spitzbergen, Norway MUFON Journal #199, November 1984, pp. 7-9 O 9
11-20-1963 Off the eastern coast of Scotland FSR, Vol. 10, No. 2, March/April 1964, p. 22 S 9
SM-??-1963 Atlantic Ocean between Puerto Rico & Key West INFO Journal, Vol. 3, #1, p. 38 S 9
??-??-1964 625 miles east of Bermuda West Virginia UFOs by Bob Teets, pp. 137-8 O 9
12-14-1966 Porsangerfjorden, Norway The APRO Bulletin, Year 1967, Month 1 O 09
SP-??-1967 Golfo de Penas, Chile Fate magazine, “UFO Chronicle” by J. A. Huneeus O 09
EE-??-1968 Unknown waters off Lusjun/Dalian, China UFOs over Modern China by Paul Dong, p. 48-49 O 09
05-02-1969 Pacific Ocean off Lambayeque, Peru Fate magazine, “UFO Chronicle” by J. A. Huneeus O 9
10-24-1969 Pacific Ocean, 350 miles S. of Valparaiso Port, S.A. International UFO Reporter, September/October 1985 O 9
05-22-1970 Pacific Ocean off Chañaral, Chile Fate magazine, “UFO Chronicle” by J. A. Huneeus O 9
11-21-1972 Hermansverk, Norway IUR January/February 1995, pp. 12-13 & 17 O 9
11-30-1974 D Indian Ocean - No specific location Ideals UFO Magazine #2, June 1978, p. 54 O 9
??-??-1974 Atlantic Ocean. Position unknown UFO Research Queensland, Australia. URL in text O 9
LL-??-1974 Waters near Vietnam E-mail from UFO Updates, O 9
04-10-1977 Mediterranean Sea off Israel The UFO Investigator, June 1977, pp. 1 & 3 S 9
04-17-1978 Atlantic Ocean, 435 miles east of Bermuda The APRO Bulletin, December 1978, p. 6 O 09
10-??-1978 Zone of the Channels, Chile, South America Revelacion Magazine # 8, August 1996 Trans A Rosales O 9
02-06-1979 Mediterranean Sea near island of Formentera, Spain Website: Inexplicata – The Journal of Hispanic Ufology S 9
03-05-1979 Atantic Ocean, near the Canary Islands UFOs: the Secret History by M. Hesemann, pp. 415-416 S 9
04-10-1979 Atlantic off the coast of New Bedford, Mass., USA "The Standard Times", New Bedford, Mass. 04-12-1979 O 9
07-05-1979 Gulf of Alaska, S. of Seward, Alaska, USA MUFON UFO Journal, #186, August 1983, p. 12 O 9
09-24-1982 Bråviken Bay, Sweden Website: UFOINFO: On This Day. URL in text S 9
04-18-2003 Kaliningrad Harbor, Russia MUFON UFO Journal, #462, October 2006, p. 19. O 9
06-05-2009 HMS Daring, docked in Liverpool, United Kingdom Macedonian International News Agency online S 9
08-06-2011 Gulf of Bothnia, between Sweden and Finland Corriere Nazionale, Saturday, August 6, 2011, p. 1 O 9