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Missing Ships and Water UFOs


       In Chapter 8, page 115 of his book “Invisible Residents”, Mr. Sanderson delves into “The Bermuda Triangle”. Between pages 124 through 126 are the dates and names of missing ships, BUT aside from the fact that many ships do disappear mysteriously, I cannot imagine of attaching UFOs to the disappearances. There has not been a single instance that I’m aware of, where a UFO was seen visually or on radar to “abduct” a ship. Of course we all have seen the implication of this in the well-done movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, where a missing ship is found in the middle of a desert, and along with the previous scene of the famous missing Flight 19 (which never reported a UFO), leads us into supposition that UFOs were the cause of both cases? 

       A more mundane observation can be found on this website by going to 10-30-1906, where asked what would have happened it the meteor tumbled on the St. Andrew, Mr. Spencer said:         

"The ship would have been burned out immediately and every soul on board destroyed. I have no doubt that many of the vessels which have been lost at sea in apparently fine weather have been destroyed by falling meteors."       

       Super waves have also been linked to ships going down suddenly. The following site list such occurrences:


       Hole of a Tsunami, or sliding down the backside of a huge wave of this sort could account for unexplained disappearances.


       History Channel presented a scientifically orchestrated experiment to find if the release of large amounts of Methane could cause buoyancy loss with eventual sinking. The result was positive.


…….For the above reasons, it is not logical to link the UFO phenomenon to ship disappearances and should be regarded only as unnecessary speculation for the purpose of filling a books pages.


Carl Feindt


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