Misidentification in Water Attributed as a UFO

       Why clutter up a website with cases that are known not to be UFOs? Simply, so that it is recognized as such the next time it occurs! If we can eliminate the ones that are identifiable, then the remainders are the interesting ones. In short we need the experience, built on recognition from previous cases, to remove those that will only cause doubt again in future.


Still working on the two following items

Coming from under water.
1. Missile launch (Need history of underwater missile launches)

a) First launch (history) to remove from previous consideration.

2. “Ball lightening” Does it apply through water?
3. Whales as “Unknown Black floating objects”

            a) sizes?

Going into the water.
1. Meteors (Need characteristics of meteors at various altitudes)
2. Other … Birds, Reentry vehicles ……

Seen on the surface of the water

1. Burning-Floating Garbage

2. Buoys