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FLAGLER — On June 27, 2006, five of our grandchildren were fishing in our pond about 3:00 p.m., when they saw a big splash on one side of the pond. Everything became still, and the pond became like glass as the object sank. Then they saw a whirlpool in the pond about 8 to 10 feet across that moved very fast across the pond towards them. When it hit the water there was steam that went up from the object then the object disappeared to reappear in another area.

One of the children got on a boat that was at the bank, and she could see lights around the sides and the object looked like metal. Two other children said they saw the lights, but two of them said it looked yellow under the water. Two were still watching it when they saw the water and grass around the pond next to them start to move violently, so they got scared and ran to the house. They were very disturbed by what they saw, and it took three hours before they would tell us what had happened. They range from 7 to 13 years old and all had the same story. The next day we drove around and found truck like tracks that led towards the pond, but stopped before they got to the pond. There was a circle where the grass had been bent down in an arc shape at the edge of the pond as it splashed into the pond. They said there was a cloud over them that was swirling. The older children thought it might be a tornado that sounded like a muffled lawn mower. I asked the OSU Extension Agency to check for contamination. They informed me there had been two other similar incidents. Thanks to MUFON HQ's                            

This reference: Filers Files #27 – 2006 Eastern Regional Director of MUFON President of Filer Research Institute July 4, 2006. My thanks go to MUFON HQ for mailing this to me-CF-         

From the Case Investigation Report, further details which do not compromise the witness’s identity. –CF-

1) One saw the object as it struck a small knoll and splashed into the water. The water went back, not forward from the object1. The surface of the pond went from wind ripples to glass smooth

2) A hissing sound was heard and a steam like substance rose from the water. There were no ripples from the entry of the object into the water. It stayed under water and went towards one child underwater

3) The object never was observed to come out of the pond. At 10:00 PM when they returned, there was a mist or fog over only the pond    

Note 1: See: http://www.waterufo.net/item.php?id=978  near the bottom, which explains why the water went to the rear of the UFOs path of travel.          

UFOCAT PRN – NONE           

North America – United States, Oklahoma

Flagler – Unable to locate in any gazetteer. –CF-       


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