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Deep Sea Monster With Headlights Seen On Record Descent In Ocean

HAMILTON, Bermuda, Aug. 16 (AP). -- A huge deep sea fish, possibly unknown to man, was one of the curious sights which greeted Dr. William Beebe, American scientist, in a daring record- breaking descent toward the bottom of the ocean.

The underseas explorer and his associate, Otis Barton, were unable to identify the monster they sighted from their "bathysphere" yesterday.

Sealed in the two-ton iron ball, Beebe and Barton were lowered to a depth of 3028 feet, more than a half mile under the surface. The descent exceeded their record of last Saturday [August 11] by 518 feet and surpassed the earlier mark of half a mile by 388 feet.

A large gray "shadow" at 2750 feet was the first appearance of the unknown fish. The object seemed to be illuminated by scores of tiny lights, glittering like a diamond necklace, Dr. Beebe said. He estimated its length at 20 feet.

Phosphorescent parasites are believed to have given off the lights.

Beebe described the monster as the largest he had ever seen in a deep sea dive. Barton attempted to photograph it, but his results were uncertain as underwater creatures flee when a searchlight is turned on from the bathysphere.

This reference: Port Arthur [Texas] News, August 16, 1934

With thanks to Jerome Clark of the Magonia Group: http://anomalies.bravepages.com


Atlantic Ocean actual position not mentioned

Hamilton, Bermuda Latitude 32-17-39 N, Longitude 64-47-02 W (D-M-S)

Reference: http://www.fallingrain.com/world/


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