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UFOs over Arizona

       Our next case involves one of the most unusual objects which we have encountered in 27 years of examining UFO reports. At 2 a.m. on February 26, 1975, Mr. G, 45, a cement mason from Phoenix Arizona, was asleep on top of a camper which was parked on the bank of the San Carlos Reservoir, which is located on the Indian reservation of the same name in Southeastern Arizona. Mr. G’s two companions were asleep inside of the camper and he was bedded down with sleeping bag and electric blanket on top of the camper because there was an alcohol-burning heater in the camper which aggravated his respiratory trouble. The temperature was approximately 26 degrees, the sky was clear and there was a full moon.     

       For no apparent reason, at 2 a.m., Mr. G. woke up. He immediately saw a strange structured object (above) hovering about 10 feet away from the camper, four feet off the ground. It consisted of a number of uprights and cross members from 4 to 6 inches in width and the whole thing covered an area of about 50 feet wide and possibly 35 feet high. The further edge of the thing was at about the edge of the reservoir and the whole thing was moving away toward the north at about one mile per hour. Mr. G. reached for and put on his glasses for a better look. The object was still moving but had begun moving in an easterly direction.           

       The object made no noise but Mr. G. has a 35% loss of hearing in both high and low frequencies so there may have been sound which he was unable to detect. Mr. G. banged on the top of the camper to alert his companions, who took some time in getting out. The object continued moving, but headed north again instead of east and was out over the reservoir and headed toward a marshy area where another camper was parked about ľ mile away. It was almost at the location of the camper when the other men came out but they didn’t see it, probably because their eyes had not adjusted, whereas Mr. G. had had it in sight continually. Also, the object, which was black, did not reflect the moon’s light and was not very visible by [to] them.       

       During the presence of the object, Mr. G noted that some fiberglass fishing poles were tapping against their fishing boat which was beached a short distance from the camper. Also, fish were jumping out of the water in an area 100 feet north and 100 feet south of their location, and within 50 feet of the shore. The men checked the lines on the poles but there were no fish on them and they could not account for the vibration which caused the tapping. Mr. G. later theorized that it may have been a combination of the sound made by the jumping fish and the vibrating poles which woke him initially. 

       G. finally went back to sleep. The episode had lasted approximately 15 minutes. He woke up again at 3:05 with a bright light full on his face, shining through the blanket which he had pulled up over his face to block out the moonlight and keep him warm. He grabbed his watch, put on his glasses, and checked the time. He felt a prickly, tingly feeling and was shocked at first. Uncovering his head, he located the source of the light-- off to his right “at about 2 o’clock” was an object approximately 40-50 feet in diameter and tilted at a 20-30 degree angle. It had a curved upper structure and the light was coming from a top portion. The light source was a sort of slit which closed, then opened, became dim, and then went out. The object itself was dark and plainly seen against the night sky. At this time, G. was rapping on the camper again to wake his companions. The object began moving, and when directly overhead he could see a number of holes with lighted circumferences arranged around the outer edge. He didn’t count them, and kept beating on the camper to awake the others. Before the others gained access to the outside, the object had disappeared in the distance. However, the fish had been jumping and the poles vibrating all during this sighting, also.

       Mr. G., when interviewed by APRO Director Mr. Lorenzen, was determined to go back with photographic equipment hoping to get confirmation of what he had seen. At this writing, we have heard no further news from him and assume that his vigil was unrewarded.   

       Although the second case [this case] is only a single witness report, we feel that Mr. G. is a sincere and honest man and he certainly was determined to tell someone about his strange experience. He drove all the way from Phoenix to Tucson (a round trip of 240 miles) just to report what he had seen.                                                                                                                   

Reference: The A.P.R.O. Bulletin, “UFOs over Arizona”, v. 23, no. 4, p. 3-4 January-February 1975.

With thanks to Joan Woodward: http://www.nicap.org/ar-750226dir.htm Animal Reaction Specialist for providing this text.         

Additional note provided by Ms Woodward:

The night was described as cold (26 degrees), clear, and with a full moon. [verified that moon was waning gibbous, 99% of the disc illuminated; moon rose at 7:28 PM and set the next morning at 7:37 AM (U.S. Naval Observatory)—JW].   

UFOCAT PRN - 92263

UFOCAT PRN – 092263 APRO Bulletin February 1975, p. 3 – 1st object at 0200

UFOCAT PRN – 092264 APRO Bulletin February 1975, p. 3 – 2nd object at 0305

UFOCAT PRN – 167033 *U* UFO Computer Database by Larry Hatch, # 11690 © 2002        

North America – United States, Arizona, Gila

San Carlos Reservoir   Latitude 33-10-30 N, Longitude 110-31-32 W (D-M-S)

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic.

UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 33.37 N, Longitude 110.48 W (D.%)

                                      Latitude 33.30 N, Longitude 110.45 W [URN 167033]          


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