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UFO Back to Caspian?

Turan 13/05/2006 01:03

The abnormal phenomenon that occurred on May 4 near the Western Azeri platform, 120 km east of Baku, has caused many questions.

Attempts to get comments from AIOC, which owns the platform, have led to no results. Representative of Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli project's operator diplomatically evaded the question on the reason for boiling water near the platform.

Official agencies also prefer to pretend that nothing has happened.

Specialists offer three versions of this phenomenon. The first version is a gas kick, the second one is movement of submarine or bathyscaphe near the water surface and the third is abnormal phenomenon.

Early American and Soviet men of war have registered the presence of UFO in various parts of the ocean of the world, as well as in the Caspian Sea. But an experienced officer-submariner found it difficult to explain this phenomenon in such a manner when watching the videotape recording.

There are grounds to suppose that the reason of the abnormal phenomenon could be a submarine. On the 47th second of the videotape recording one can see a dark object moving under the water.

The object moves at a high speed to the left. But it is impossible to claim that this was a submarine and the matter remains unclear.

This reference: http://www.bakutoday.net/view.php?d=20757 With Thanks to Baku Today for permission to post to this website CF-


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