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AO-97   USS ALLAGASH and the UFO     

WT = Witness Testimony

CF = Carl Feindt          

A little opening conversation missed as recording started late –CF-  


WT – And before we got to the triangle1, I was standing a bridge watch, ah, and we in kind of real rough seas at the time. I would say, ah, 10 to 15 foot waves. And a... then all of a sudden we came upon some seas that were just clear as glass, and a... I mean we just came upon it. I mean it was like glass

CF – Good Gravy, yeah

WT – Which we thought was really strange. As we were standing... as I was standing the bridge watch...I was noticing that... the sky was kind of changing colors... it was almost like fireworks, or like signal flares, or something like that. And ah... so immediately the bridge officers came out and was looking to see if there was a... you know, a ship in distress or something of that kind. And we couldn’t figure out what these strange light things were going on. It almost looked like fireworks but they weren’t fireworks.

 And ah... so as we continued on, we hit a fog bank. It was just so encased that I couldn’t see... I couldn’t see 10 to 15 feet in front of me. And so at that time we went to... basically General Quarters. And ah... secured all bulkhead doors, and set the fog horn.

CF – That’s wise.

WT – And they started to...you know...to do the fog thing.    

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          The Allagash was in the yards for oh...a couple of months, previous to this cruise. They had all the radar...ah....

CF – Updated?

WT – Updated and repaired. Ah...so at this time I was switched from the bridge watch to ah...I was put into the bridge and was handling the helm at the time. And the radar man kept on coming in and giving reports that 20 some odd miles ahead of us there was an object that was spotted, and ah ...what was odd about the object... it was 20 miles away, but was like about 20 feet off the water. (Laughter)

CF – Ohhh. Strange ship! Yeah!

WT – So we weren’t too sure what it was. We might have... the bridge officer thought maybe it was like a sailboat and had a radar dome on top of it or something that... that we were only picking up that signal

CF – Just picking up the dome. OK

WT – And so we brought up extra watches at the time. The Allagash, as an AO, an oiler, she was 800 and some odd feet almost 900 feet long. Not the fastest ship in the world or the most ah...

CF – Beautiful?

WT – Beautiful (Laughter) or maneuverable, we really had to watch what we were doing, because we took almost 50 miles to turn around. It was not a very maneuverable ship.

CF – Oh god...

WT – So standing the watch there we...like I said we took in extra watches, set a fo’c’s’le [Nautical term meaning Forecastle –CF-] watch, and we still had our stern... stern watch, but we doubled up on the wings, and up in the crows nest and the fo’c’s’le. Because we weren’t too sure what this thing was that was in front of us, because the only thing we were reading was something about 20 miles ahead of us and 20 feet off the water.

CF – Did it maintain that same distance all the time or did it...

WT – Yes, it maintained it for quite a while. We were pulling oh... about 12 knots I think the Allagash was capable of 17 I think. But anyway, we continued on, and ah... we have...the Allagash had these giant spotlights, arc spotlights, so we started manning those because the object refused to get out of our path, I mean even with our fog horn going and everything, it refused to yield. So we fired up the big spotlights, of course with the fog being as dense as it was, we couldn’t hardly see anything. It was really spooky, and then...I swear to you there was this god awful sound, it was almost...it was so eerie, that we thought that maybe it was a fog horn. But... it wasn’t a fog horn... it sounded like a dying animal of some sort. It was...it was just a screech-like sound. So we....we put our spotlights in the general direction the sound was coming from, although at times it sounded like it was coming from all around us. But this object... we were starting to gain on it at this time, so we... we even brought up more bridge crew to... to examine the area to see if we could spot this sail boat or whatever it might be.

And ah...what... [Following text, missing from audiotape, was added by the witness himself in an e-mail to me –CF-] what happen next is the honest to god truth. The spot lights hit this object. It looked like a shinny giant globe hovering above the water. It was directly in our path at our radar bridge height. Before we could sound collision, the thing moved at incredible speed. Like I said, the USS Allagash is almost 900 feet long. This thing went from our bow to our stern in a matter of seconds. The fantail watch was literally running for his life with his head set still about his head with a broken cord dangling. He was white as a ghost. This thing was so close to us that we could see it plainly with our running lights. Within seconds, the thing left our radar scope. The fog cleared and we were running in a moon light night.

During the course of these events, over a hundred crew and officers (including the captain) witness these evens. The yeoman asked what he should to put into the log book. The captain said, UFO.

Not much was said after this mystery night which was strange in itself. Sailors love to tell their sea stories but this was too much to grasp or understand. I believe that we were all too scared to tell the truth. What would people think about us?

For years, I told this story to my close friends not fully understanding what a hundred crew and officers saw on that foggy night. After seeing the special on underwater UFO’s [History Channel’s “Deep Sea UFOs” which I was in –CF-], it all makes sense now. What I couldn’t understand and also the crew, the object did not fly off the radar screen, it just vanished.                                      

This reference: Report done by Carl Feindt, with the witness through e-mail and telephone communications.         

Note 1: Refers to the Bermuda Triangle         

The following testimony was done by e-mail, in relation to narrowing down the date.-CF-

I can’t remember the date and time or the precise location of the sighting. Only the memories of the event remain vivid in my mind. The picture of the refueling of the Mc Cloy [See: http://www.navsource.org/archives/09/19097.htm ] took place in the Med. If memory serves me, we cross the Atlantic Ocean, through the triangle some time before. We also sailed through some other strange areas in the Med. There is more than one triangle in the vastness of our oceans. You have to understand that this happen almost 40 years ago. Not knowing the exact location, the story remains true. I would stake my life on it and would summit to hypnosis to prove the validity of the claim.       

I share this story with you not to become famous but to show that there are things happening in the oceans that are beyond definition or logic. This is my first time to share this story with someone other than a friend. I never spoke publicly about this event in my life time. I don’t ask for money, credit or any reward for my testimony. I just want to share the facts about that night, and to put to rest these haunting memories from my past. I am looking for answers and peace knowing that the truth will set us all free.           

I served on the “Gash” from October 1968 – 1970. Two long hard years on deck gang until I got my sub school in New London. I wanted to serve on submarines after my eight weeks of boot camp but the Navy already had their quota. Oilier duty is not fun and is dirty and dangerous work. I almost was killed several times during refueling by exploding span wires. Thanks to a boatman mate tackling me to the deck. I am still walking around without a split personality. . This is kind of funny because I got hazardous duty pay on the USS Pargo SSN 650 and not on the Allagash. I was safer on Nuclear Subs.

I am still trying to put time and places together during this tour of service. During those years, I was refueling days and nights, scraping paint and standing bridge watch. Then, I would sleep for 10 to 12 hours straight. Time seemed to pass slowly because I was away from home and family for the first time. Plus, my soon to be bride waited for me 6000 miles away. I think you get the picture.         


I have been thinking about this UFO all afternoon trying to make sense of it. What is stranger than the UFO itself is the fact that I don’t remember sharing this story with anyone until the past 20 years. My shipmates on the Allagash only talked about it briefly the next day and then it was forgotten quickly. I was very close to my shipmates on the USS Pargo and I never told them about this. Why? This was big! It is like I was suppose to forget?


Thinking back, I remember a red headed Lieutenant on the bridge of the Allagash speaking these exact words “Things happen like this in the triangle all the time”. Was he making reference to the triangle while sailing in the Med or were we really in the triangle. That is the reason why I say that it happen in the triangle. I could be wrong because time events don’t line up. This has been bugging me all week. Why do I remember the event in such detail and not place? Carl, this is weird beyond words. I hope my old ship mates read this article and help clarify this story.

NOTE: If any other member of the crew of this ship remembers this event, please contact me through this website’s “Contact Us” click box, using – AO-97 ALLAGASH – in capital letters, as the subject line. Additional details will be welcomed. Thanks –CF-     

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