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Note: This case is NOT water related except in one minor aspect, which I feel is important enough to warrant its inclusion – and that is the dead fish which appear in several other cases. –CF-    

       Stranger than healing is the rejuvenation case. One outstanding case, which reads like science fiction, was first published by the British Flying Saucer Review. Occurring in a provincial area south of Buenos Aires, Argentina, on December 30, 1972, the case was investigated by Seρor Pedro Romaniuk, a person of highest credentials. He is a former commander with an international airline with more than eleven thousand flying hours to his credit and has served as technical investigator for the Argentine Air Force's Aviation Accidents Investigation Board.

       The single witness, Venture Maceiras, seventy-three years old at the time of his experience, has had only the first two years of primary schooling and is a typical Gaucho from rural Argentina. At about 10:20 P.M., Maceiras was sitting drinking the national beverage, mate, about six meters from the little shack in which he lives. By a small fire he had just finished his evening meal. At his side were his dog and a cat with her three kittens. He was listening to his transistor radio when it began to fail.

       At that moment he heard a loud humming noise, "like the noise of angry bees," coming from overhead. Looking up, he saw a powerful light rapidly increasing hi intensity and flooding the whole area. Within the area of light, he could clearly distinguish an enormous object. Estimated size was twenty to twenty-five meters in diameter. From tubes in the lower central portion of the object there was an emission of sparks, while around it an enormous wheel was constantly spinning.

       Maceiras described the color of the object as "red-orange, turning to purple." In the upper-central part, the whole of which was intensely illuminated, he could see a spherical cabin with two small windows. At one of those windows was a figure visible from the waist upward, wearing dark gray clothing made of rolls or cylinders joined together, which he described as looking like "bananas." When Maceiras sighted the occupant, a shower of sparks shot from the under-part of the object, hitting the ground in front of him. Then the object tilted slightly downward and toward him, so that he had a full view of the lighted cabin and could see a second occupant, with identical features and clothing. He described the eyes as slanted, the mouth a thin line, and he remembered no details of the nose or ears. Inside the cabin he could see a long panel with "a whole lot of instruments and clocks."

       With the downward tilting movement a powerful flash of light came from the under-part, blinding the witness temporarily. The flash completely enveloped the cat and then vanished. Meanwhile the humming sound was growing louder and the color of the object was turning bluish green. It began to move forward, away from the eucalyptus trees, and descended still lower until it was no more than four to six meters above the ground. At this point, Maceiras was able to see, in the upper part of the cabin, a wheel or ring spinning fast. After that, the object moved off toward the northeast, where the main road is and where there are high-power cables. A strong smell of sulphur remained hi the air. Then the object disappeared behind a tree-covered mound, its color changing to red and then greenish blue.

       As soon as the flash of light ended, the cat disappeared, even though she was suckling her kittens. She did not reappear until February 16, forty-eight days later. Her back still showed scorch marks and burns. She refused to go near the place where she had had her unpleasant experience.

       While the object was stationary in the air, Maceiras felt tingling in his legs, a sensation that lasted for twenty-eight hours. By the middle of January of 1973, Maceiras had begun to lose hair abnormally. At one pull of the fingers he would lose about two hundred strands of hair, which he performed in the presence of investigators. From the fourteenth day on, several small, red, pruriginous pustules appeared on the back of his neck, which he constantly scratched.

       Another symptom was a marked difficulty in speaking, having trouble moving his tongue. This persisted for about ten to twelve days. Also, his eyes watered constantly and, besides tears, thin filaments came from the eyes.

       The site where the object appeared is surrounded by eucalyptus trees about ten to twelve meters in height. Most of the tops of these trees were scorched or completely burned. Several branches were taken to the National Atomic Power Commission, which issued only an oral report stating that no traces of radioactivity were found.

       A large quantity of dead catfish had been found in a small stream near the sighting. The remarkable feature is that some of the catfish were gathered up and put into a refrigerator and on the following day were found to have turned dark red. Five of the fish were sent to the Institute of Bromatology (science of foods) in La Plata. A report showing the Institute's analysis is unavailable.

       Romaniuk states that Maceiras had been interrogated more than sixty times by investigators, including doctors, engineers, police officials and the secretary to the local government office. These people have all requested that their names not be quoted regarding the case.

       In a later visit to see Maceiras, February 19-21, 1973, Romaniuk discovered the following data: "Since approximately February 10, Maceiras has observed that new teeth have been appearing in his left upper gum. At the time of my visit, I was able to confirm that two front teeth and two cheek teeth were coming through and were approximately 2 mm to 3 mm long."

       Neither science nor I may ever be able to explain the alleged emergence of new teeth or the instant cure of a flesh wound caused by an alligator any more than scores of other inexplicable human experiences attributable to the UFO. If truly the UFO is responsible for these anomalies, then we are dealing with a phenomenon so omnipotent that we as Earth's Homo sapiens are too low in the universe's evolutionary scale to ever understand its nature or intent.

       The UFO's secrets may forever lie in the infinite mysteries of the macrocosm.                

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South America – Argentina, Provincia de Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires    Latitude 34-35-15 S, Longitude 58-40-21 W (D-M-S)

Tres Arroyos    Latitude 38-22-60 S, Longitude 60-16-60 W (D-M) [From UFOCAT]

Reference: http://www.fallingrain.com/world/            

UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 38.43 S, Longitude 60.28 W (D.%)

                                      Latitude 38.37 S, Longitude 60.27 W [URN 110130]

                                      Latitude 34.67 S, Longitude 58.50 W [URN 171123]


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