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Dear Sirs;—

       My reason for writing this letter is that I thought it might be of some interesting news for your paper. It is about a very strange phenomenon that took place one early morning here on the Gulf of Mexico. My wife and I are amateur (sic) shell collectors. This past first week of Feb. 77 there was a full .moon which means minus tides along the Gulf. On this particular early morning we decided to take advantage of the minus tides, because that is when we mostly find many live sea-shells. We drove on down to Ft, DeSoto Park, which is an Island about six miles south-west of St Petersburg, Fla. Along the Gulf side of Ft DeSoto Park there are miles and miles of beautiful stretches of beaches. During these minus tides there, are sand-bars exposed along a certain stretch of beach. On these sand-bars is where we find our live shells. A couple hundred yards out from shore there are several thousand feet of hugh (sic) pipe mounted on-pontoons. At one end of this pipe line there is a hugh (sic) barge that has been a work shop for assembling the pipe line.  At present this barge is anchored there with out, any one working on it, due to some sort of break down. The reason for this pipe line is they are preparing to dredge Mullet Key Chanel and will pump the sand onto the beach where some erosion has taken place.  On this particular cold, crisp, clear morning we started walking along on the exposed sand-bar but not finding many shells due to the cold. We had .gone about two miles and decided to quit, so we headed back to where, we had parked our van. Well instead of walking back on the sand-bar we started walking along on the sandy beach. When we got about half-way back a very strange phenomenon took place. We could hear the whinning (sic) noise which sounded like a jet plane coming toward our direction. The noise was coming from out over the Gulf.  The sky was very clear and there were no planes visible anywhere. We could see very clearly for miles in all directions. We stopped walking and was trying to figure out what was causing the odd sound. In a. few seconds the noise seemed to change to what sounded like a diesel engine of a freight train. It seamed to become stationery about three or four hundred feet in front of us and it seemed like it was hovering just a few feet above the water. Prior to the diesel engine sound, there was only a slight two or three inch high waves lapping on the outer side of the sand-bar, but as the diesel sounding engine noise seem to become stationary there were suddenly waves about three feet high splashing over the sand-bar, but only about one-hundred feet to our left and one-hundred feet to our right. All along the rest of the sand-bar the water was lapping in two or three inch high waves. There definitely was some invisible object out there causeing (sic) the sound and waves. As we could see for several miles in either direction there was no ship in sight and no ship had gone by. This engine rumbling sound and three feet waves lasted about eight or ten minutes. Then suddenly the noise seemed to fade away off in the distance and immediatly (sic) the waves subsided into two or three inch high waves again. It gave us an odd feeling that there was something out there spying on us. We have been on that Beach many, many times before but have never experienced any thing like that before. There must be an answer. --- which I believe must have been an in-visable (sic) U.F.O. I'll swear this is the God's truth.

Yours Truly

...                                                                     Joseph Daniels                                                

This reference: Letter to researcher Bob Pratt from the witness dated February 6, 1977.

With Thanks to The J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS): http://www.cufos.org/ 

On March 9, 1977 Mr. Pratt replies his interest in the case and leaves his phone number for them to contact him. On December 14, 1981 the following paper relays the case, with additional, interesting information.-CF-       

The World of UFOs

by Bob Pratt    

Invisible object stirs sea       

       Joseph and Nola Daniels had been bunting for seashells along (be beach for about an hour, starting out Just before daybreak, but they had had little luck. It was cold, and there were few shells.

       After walking nearly two miles along the Gulf of Mexico side of Fort DeSoto State Park that February morning in 1977, they decided to quit. The park is on an Island west of St. Petersburg. Fla.

       “There was no use going any farther,” said Daniels, then 65. "We had been hunting along a sandbar 30 or 40 feet off the beach, but when we headed back we decided to walk along the dry beach.

       "We got about hallway back when we heard a faint sound like a Jet plane coming in directly toward us from the west out over the gulf.

       “It kept getting louder and louder. There was no wind blowing, or anything. There was just a light ripple of waves maybe three Inches high washing over the sandbar.

       "All of a sudden, this noise got very loud, and when It got within 200 or 300 feet of the sandbar. It seemed to turn into a noise like a diesel engine on a freight train. But we couldn't see anything.

       "Suddenly. It seemed to become stationary just beyond the sandbar, and whatever It was seemed like it was hovering Just a few feet above the water.

       "It seemed like there was a depression in the water out there1. This noise kept rumbling like a diesel, and we noticed waves about three feet high —washing about 100 feet to the right of us and about 100 feet to the left of us."

       Mrs. Daniels, a year older than her husband, sat quietly, nodding her head from time to time as Daniels told their story. Daniels had been on disability since 1969 after suffering four heart attacks, and often hunted for seashells to make into necklaces as a hobby.

       “We were dumbfounded” said Daniels. “We were staring right at it, whatever it was, and we couldn't see anything. We didn't know what to do, whether to run or what, and there was no one else on the beach.

       "We knew darned well something was there, but we couldn't see it. We kept looking all around. The sky was clear as could be, and there were no airplanes or ships in sight anywhere. You could see for miles up and down the beach.

       "Right where we had stopped they were going to dredge a channel, and they had a lot of pipes out there on big pontoons and this was all helter-skelter out there not too far from the sandbar.

       "Then there was a big barge that's like a machine shop, where they work the pipe and stuff like that. But it had been broken down for a week or two, and there wasn't a soul on that.

       "I've had many frightening experiences in my life, but never one like that. It made your hair stand on end.

       "This lasted for maybe eight or 10 minutes, and suddenly the noise seemed to fade off in the distance. And immediately the waves subsided into little wavelets again.          

       "It gave us an odd feeling that there was something out there spying on us. We've been on that beach many, many times before but we never experienced anything like that before.

       "There must be an answer. There must have been something invisible out there causing that sound and those waves."                                                                                                           

This reference: World of UFOs, care of Enquirer and News, 155 W. Van Buren St.. Battle Creek, Mlch. 49016 © Bob Pratt 1981.           

Note 1: From my research of water related cases, the UFO hovering a few feet over the water DOES produce a depression, see: “Physical influences of a UFO on Water” on this website. This of course leads us to the realization, as other researches have pointed out, that these craft can indeed render themselves invisible if they desire.-CF-     

UFOCAT PRN – NONE           

North America – United States, Florida, Pinellas

Ft. Desoto County Park            Latitude 27-38-16 N, Longitude 82-44-19 W (D-M-S)

St Petersburg                          Latitude 27-46-15 N, Longitude 82-40-45 W

Mullet Key                                Latitude 27-37-09 N, Longitude 82-43-26 W

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/redirect.html  


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