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Jerry Black, MUFON investigator in the southwestern Ohio area, frequently appears on radio talk shows. As a result of one of his late-hour sessions, in which he had mentioned a light-beam case, he received a letter, dated May 30, 1975, from an inmate of a penitentiary. In the letter and subsequent correspondence, the inmate describes a past experience with a green shaft of light, analogous to Doyle's, and a five-hour time lapse that had left him utterly baffled ever since it happened, in January 1968. His letter, a plea for understanding of his "nerve shattering" experience, also expresses an awareness of his social status, which may give cause to doubt his veracity. His letter, in part, which I have no reason to question, follows:

In January, 1968, during a snowstorm, I was driving a tractor trailer for a firm in Baraga, Michigan, returning from a trip on the East Coast. I checked my watch when I turned off Highway M-77 onto M-28, and it was midnight. M-28 is perfectly straight in. a desolate flat stretch of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It was snowing heavily and clogging up my windshield wipers. About 12:15 a.m., I pulled over and got out to knock the ice off the wipers. Suddenly I was blinded by what I can only describe as a tremendously brilliant strobe light. The area all around me lit up. My first thought was that an airplane got lost in the snowstorm. The light lasted for only a few seconds, then I seemed to be in some sort of pale green cone ... I say cone-shaped because it seemed to get thinner as it went up. But it was huge because it covered myself and the truck. I thought I was crazy. I could see it snowing but it wasn't snowing on me or the truck. That is when I noticed the sudden warmth. That's all I remembered for a while.

The next thing I recall was standing about 20 feet away from the truck and I don't know how I got there. It was still snowing heavily and, although the snow was at least 5 to 7 inches deep, there was not one trace that showed that I had walked that distance. Also, I was completely dry and warm. Believe me, I really thought I was losing my mind. I walked back to my truck which had in the meantime stalled. This in itself is weird because I had a 335 Cummins diesel engine and a diesel just doesn't up and stall. . . . When I got back in the truck and restarted, I found the temperature of the engine was zero. To get cold it normally takes about three hours. I checked my watch thinking that I had been out of the truck for only a few minutes and I was shocked to see it was 5:00 a.m. I was baffled: I had lost nearly five hours!

After I got back in the truck, I had a severe headache and developed nausea that stayed with me for about four days. Also of interest, I noted a very unfamiliar odor during my experience which I had forgotten until 1972. At that time, I was driving a semi through Texas and had the alternator burn up. Just as I caught that smell I remembered it was the same as I smelled that night in 1968. It gave me a chill.

... If you should find this account a hilarious joke I would appreciate that you keep it to yourself. I am more than embarrassed by being here in prison and don't want to face ridicule when I leave. . . . Again I must remind you that I wish this kept in strictest confidence.

He was released from the penitentiary in October 1975. The UFO that stalls a passenger car or a diesel truck shocks the unwary driver. But there are many other weird, "wonderland" happenings to motorists.

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North America United States, Michigan, Schoolcraft

Baraga Latitude 46-46-43 N, Longitude 88-29-20 W (D-M-S)

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/redirect.html


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