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“Flying Saucers” Like Family At Gillies, Pay Second Visit

       COBALT (Staff) — “Flying saucers” are becoming a family affair for the Don Camerons of Gillies, three miles south of here.

       Tom Cameron, 24, and a neighbour, Bob Cole, 28, are just back from cutting ice on Anima-Nipissing Lake, five miles west of Latchford, with the latest story in the annals of flying saucers. On Saturday they watched a mysterious object for two hours with binoculars and the naked eye as it played pranks in the night skies. It wasn't the family's first brush with flying saucers.

       At about 7:45 p.m. Saturday, the men were sitting in a shack by the lake when they saw a big, circular flare of light in the eastern sky. Above the treetops it shone green, red, and blue.

       Through the binoculars the object, which they saw was solid, appeared about three feet in diameter. It shot up and down noiselessly and across the skies at terrific speeds "far in excess of those of a jet plane." The saucer never went overhead, but went as high as 80 degrees above the horizon.

       Contacted yesterday by RCAF Filter Centre, officials in North Bay say they have received no other reports from anywhere in the area on Saturday evening. They refrained from advancing any theories as to what it might have been.

       Don Cameron, his wife, and their children had their first brush with flying saucers on April 25, 1946. On the same lake, cutting a channel for their boat, they saw between 12 to 14 small, disk-shaped objects come down at a 45-degree angle a mere 75 feet in front of them.

       Appearing to be about twice the size of a dish, the objects jumped on and off ground of height of two feet, spinning in the ice [Note: The previous sentence is incomplete in thought.-CF-]. The family all watched. As Don Cameron walked toward them, they rose at the same angle and shot off through trees on a nearby ridge without touching the branches.

       The objects left black marks on the snow and ice. Queried about this, filter officials stated the date and circumstances corresponded to those of similar reports from various parts of the country. Cameron said the objects descended in a chain — "making a rattling sound."

       They had reported it to no one at the time.

       Asked about Saturday's phenomena, Don Cameron stated: "I couldn't see any windows on the flying saucer. It was circular but changed to disk shape according to the angle it was seen from."

       "We looked at it for two hours and are certain it was no figment of the imagination," he concluded.                                                                                                                              

This reference: Newspaper Northern News, date not sure, Jan.-Feb. 1957 or March 26, 1958.

With thanks to The J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS): http://www.cufos.org/  

UFOCAT PRN – NONE           

North America – Canada, Ontario

Cobalt                          Latitude 47-23-57 N, Longitude 79-40-50 W (D-M-S)

Gillies                           Latitude 47-22-43 N, Longitude 79-44-53 W

Anima-Nipissing           Latitude 47-15-34 N, Longitude 79-54-22 W [Lake]

Latchford                     Latitude 47-19-44 N, Longitude 79-48-37 W

Reference: http://geonames.nrcan.gc.ca/index_e.php           


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