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Location: Brussels, Belgium    
Date: October 31, 2003     Time: evening       

A man and his wife were in their small boat on a pond fishing when the wife noticed something they first thought was a jet plane in the sky. They then kept on fishing but as the object got closer, they noticed that it was definitely [not?] a conventional one. It was shaped like a disc and it kept coming closer to the witnesses. It descended, brushing over a clump of trees by the pond. It then hit the water. It had a row of windows on a dome and both witnesses were able to see a shadowy figure inside. Apparently the craft was very hot because when it touched the water, steam began to rise up fogging up the windows and making it difficult to see inside. Their dog was in the boat with them and barked uncontrollably during the whole event. When the man tried to calm the dog, it bit his hand, something that it had never done before. The waves created by the impact on the water capsized their small boat and sent the witnesses and their dog into the water. At that point there was much confusion and both felt very dizzy. After a minute or two the craft had lifted out of the water and flown back into the air. The dog drowned and dead fish rose to the surface. They also noticed birds flying overhead in large numbers. The man was terrified during the event and felt somewhat “out of his body.” The whole incident had been extremely surreal in nature and as the object left, he began to feel sick; his wife also felt sick. Being in the water with all the chaos around them, they lost sight of the craft. He had looked up only after a few seconds, who [sic – which] felt like hours, and it was gone. After both he and his wife swam ashore, they found a burnt limb apparently belonging to one of the trees which they [sic – the] object had struck.

HC addendum 
Source: MUFO[N?] UFO sighting reports, Belgium                             Type: A

Comments: I find it sort of suspicious that the date is October 31. The narrative abruptly ends. Albert Rosales       

Reference for the above text is: Albert Rosales’s CD: Humanoid Reports of 2005. 
Retrieved from Albert Rosales’s disc June 23, 2012.  


Europe – Belgium, Vlaanderen. Body of water is an unnamed pond.
Brussels   Latitude 51-02-00 N, Longitude 003-46-00 E (D-M-S) [populated place]
Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/

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