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2~3-00-1971 - U.S.S. Saratoga CVA-60 CV-60

2~3-??-1971 – U.S.S. Saratoga CVA-60/CV-60    

Near the Azores Islands - February or March 1971, at night 

       The U.S.S. Saratoga was on mission toward Scotland, when a huge scraping was felt at the bottom of the ship, and it came to a shuddering, near complete stop. The bridge crew noticed a large blob of light moving rapidly away underwater. The crew was told that they had hit a whale, and not to talk about it. The next night, a large blob of light was seen following the ship. The crewman/witness says that the object was two times wider than the 35-40' wide ship itself. This latter pursuit lasted for about ten minutes.                                                                           

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Azores Islands

The Archipelago of the Azores is composed of nine volcanic islands situated in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean approximately 1500 km from the European coast and 3900 km from the North American coast. The Archipelago extends along a south east-north-west strip and is encompassed by the longitude of 25º to 31º-15” West and a latitude of 36º-55” to 39º 45” North.

Reference: http://www.destinazores.com/     

Saratoga’s Period History:

On 28 September 1970, President Richard M. Nixon and his party arrived on board. That night, word was received that Gamal Abdul Nasser, President of the United Arab Republic had died; an event that might plunge the entire Middle East into a crisis. The intelligence and communications personnel of Saratoga were required to supply the President, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Secretaries of State and Defense with the essential intelligence information to keep them abreast of the deteriorating situation. The Presidential party departed the ship the next evening, and Saratoga continued on patrol in the eastern Mediterranean until she sailed for the United States on 2 November [1971-CF-].

From her arrival at Mayport until 10 March 1971, she was in a "cold iron" status. She then operated off the Florida coast until 7 June when she departed for her eleventh deployment with the Sixth Fleet, via Scotland and the North Sea where she participated in Exercise Magic Sword II. She returned to Mayport on 31 October for a period of restricted availability and local operations.


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