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Cass Lake, Minnesota - summer 1964-1965, at night

Six youngsters were alone at their aunt and uncle's cabin when they saw a light outside. There was a cigar-shaped object hovering over the water and a boat at the dock.

It was tilted at an angle and made the water move "like an airboat would do." The object looked silver with red lights all along its midline. It seemed to be about twenty feet long. No noise, almost no feeling at all as they watched: "that's what was probably the scariest thing about it." They ran back inside, heard a whoosh, and the object went into the air and away.

This reference: Grass Roots UFOs by Michael D. Swords, p. 63, 2005. With thanks to The Fund for UFO Research: http://www.fufor.com/ for permission to post to this site. The book is available through the Fund for UFO Research, Inc., P.O. Box 7501, Alexandria, VA 22307 for $22.00, postpaid.


North America United States, Minnesota

Cass Lake Latitude 47-27-06 N, Longitude 94-28-60 W (D-M-S) [Reservoir]

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/redirect.html


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