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08 30 1975 Transcription

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This is a transcription from an audio recording on CD. See Faded Discs & Wendy Connors at the end of the case text –CF-       
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RG – Robert Gribble – researcher

SW-1 – Sighting Witness one

SW-2 – Sighting Witness two 
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RG        ....Seattle. What are the chances of getting a description of the object you saw over the

            ocean on the 30th?

SW-1    I’ll give you a good description of it.

RG        OK, fine.

SW-1    Ah...We were tacking...Ah...west, tuna fishing, it appeared over my port pole...it’s was

            just like a tripod, you know that you had a telescope on it.

RG        Yes.

SW-1    And Ah...from being around airplanes and stuff like that, I would say that the thickness of

            it at the forward end would be about twenty feet and that it was three times that long.

RG        I see

SW-1    And there was no wings or tail, or wheels or nothing else on it. It was just ah...Oh... a lot

            of guys say they look like a saucer, but they really don’t, they’ve got a...a leading end to


RG        This in any way resemble a...a cigar?

SW-1    No, No...No. Ah...It was cylindrical in shape, thicker on the forward end. And that’s the

            end. And that’s the end it took off from. Like that was the end they were running it from.

RG        I see

SW-1    It wasn’t truly a... a saucer as you would think of a saucer. It looked...well...ah...well kind

            of...if you laid a long raindrop on its side. You know....

RG        Oh you’re talking about an oval shape then.

SW-1    Well it would be oval but...ah...it was longer than it was high, and it was a...it had   kind

            of....the direction it took off to...that end of the body or object was thicker than the other


RG        I see. That would be the bow of it then.

SW-1    That would be the bow of it then.

RG        Right

SW-1    We watched it stay motionless for a good three or four minutes...before it took off,

            and another boat that was coming out that morning too, they observed it too. And a...

            it was a charter boat. And about half of the crew...there was about ten people on the

            boat that saw it at the same time.

RG        I see

SW-1    Then I asked the next day...I called him, because I knew he was out, and I asked him

            if he was looking west about that time of the morning and he said...Yeah. And he said

            I’m not nuts, I know what you’re talking about. So we went ahead and discussed it for

            a minute or two on the air there. And I asked him and he told me how many people

            had seen it. You know they had watched it and it took off like a shot. And ah...then

            another tuna boat came back on the air and said that he had observed it too. Then he

            was about ten miles below us.

RG        I see

SW-1    I talked...When I came in, I was out for three days, and when I came in a couple of

            other tuna skippers came and talked to me and they said they had observed it. And

            from all the plottings that I could take and LORAN bearings, we had people looking at

            it from about a ten mile semi circle.

RG        I see

SW-1    And nobody could see tails or heads or wings or anything like it on it.

RG        No protrusions at all.

SW-1    No protrusions at all. No. It was just an oval shaped longer than it was tall....

RG        Yes...How about the color?

SW-1    It was just a silver color. No ah...It didn’t have any flashing lights or anything like that

            on it. You know you hear these guys say it had flashing lights and all that. No. It just

            looked like you took the body of a big plane and pulled all the wings it off, you know,

            and snubbed itdown on the tail surfaces, and shortened it up.

RG        Now when this took off, did it take off in a horizontal flight...path? Or did it move


SW-1    It moved off a little to the horizontal and then shot right straight into the air.

RG        Perfect vertical climb?

SW-1    Uh Huh

RG        OK. About how long would you say it took to leave your sight?

SW-1    Well I turned around and landed a tuna fish, and to throw a tuna fish in with a short

            line takes about...oh, not more than a minute. And we all looked back, and that

            bugger was gone. It disappeared. Now Frank he watched it the full time, and he

            watched its full takeoff, and he said it just...schwoop and it was gone. He said it didn’t

            leave any vapor trail around. I just saw it starting to go, when I turned around

            grabbed the line and threw the tuna aboard.

RG        Do you have any estimate of how far away it was from you?

SW-1    Well...I would say it was not more than...Oh...look at the angle, I would say it was at

            an elevation of around 2,000 feet, and it wasn’t any more than two miles from us.1

RG        I see. And that was in the western sky?

SW-1    Uh Huh

RG        OK. Now when you first spotted this did you just happen to look up into the sky or did

            this thing appear, just suddenly appear to you?

SW-1    Oh, I just looked up across the pole to see if anything was bouncing and there it was

            settin. Right there above the pole.

RG        OK

SW-1    Now I talked to one of these tuna skippers... told me that last year they were out

            there and they didn’t say anything about it. There was three of them appeared. And

            while they were there they had no radio communications.

RG        I see

SW-1    And it was about this same time last year and there was three of them. And everybody

            out there thought their dang radios went haywire you know and cussing and starting

            and pretty soon everybody’s radios started working when they took off.

RG        A hah. This is very common

SW-1    And I noticed then...I got this questionnaire from the other center to answer and I

            noticed that they had electrical interference

RG        Right...Right. This is quite common, especially with vehicles. What is the name of your


SW-1    Irene B

RG        Irene B

SW-1    Uh Huh

RG        About what time was that object seen?

SW-1    About a quarter of eight

RG        And how about the weather?

SW-1    Oh, beautiful.

RG        Blue sky

SW-1    Yeah, beautiful blue sky. There was no... no overcast or nothing, was just a fantastic

            morning as far as the weather was concerned.

RG        Anyone think of taking a picture?

SW-1    No. We didn’t have a camera aboard.

RG        I’ll be darned

SW-1    So I don’t know if any of the other boats took a picture or not. I could have Frank

            check with the other boats and see if any of the skippers did take a picture of it.

RG        That would be great

SW-1    He’s goin...He’s out tuna fishing now, but when he comes back in and I’ll check with

            him, and ask the boys out there... I’m too far away to reach him by there...there on

            low range by their radios and unless you’re out there why you can’t pick them up.

RG        Well Pauldo you work that area year round?

SW-1    Oh no. No I’m just out there in the fall tuna fishing, summer and fall.

RG        I see, a ha. If we send you a questionnaire would you fill ours in also?

SW-1    Sure. I’d be happy to.

RG        And we’d appreciate the names of as many witnesses or other skippers as we could

            get also.

SW-1    OK, My wife said she gave you Walt’saddress

RG        Yes

SW-1    And lets see, he was in the cabin doing something    washing dishes. And Frank was

            on the TP3. Contact him. He would have a list of the people that was onboard that


RG        Fine

SW-1    And there ...there were at least ten witnesses there. And I’m going to have to scratch

            my head to see if I can remember which boats was which that came to talk to me

            about it. But you know the funny part of it is that nobody will say a damn things it,

            and if somebody does say it, why then they’ll all come forward.

RG        That’s right. It just takes one to trigger the whole thing.

SW-1    The rest of them are going to keep their mouth shut. They think you’re nuts, you


RG        Alright. Even that condition is begging to change though. What is you’re address?

SW-1    Westport, Washington. While your talking about this; when I went to the police station

            here in Westport, to find out where I could report it or...or do something about it. The

            deputy here, saw one just a short time before that, and they didn’t make a reporting

            of it.

RG        Was it the same day?

SW-1    No. It was earlier before, as I understand it, talking to the police chief down here that

            one of the deputies had seen one in the morning. And... they just didn’t do anything

            about it.

RG        That’s really too bad, these kind of reports are really important to our investigation

            and research program.

SW-1    Well when I went to Hascomb they said well yes we’ve got something around here

            someplace and they had to look the whole damn office over to find where to make

            their calls and contact.

RG        A ha

SW-1    I thought that was pretty lousy because I know you’re supposed to report this stuff.

RG        Yes. Because I can remember sending them brochures. We sent them to all the law

            enforcement agencies.

SW-1    Ya, well they finally found it.

RG        Well that’s great. Well we sure appreciate you giving us your time and describing

            this... [End of first witness]     
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Second witness

RG        ......just how you saw this object

SW-2    Well, OK. Let me ask you a quick question first.

RG        Sure

SW-2    Your organization...is this a private organization?

RG        Very definitely, Yes

SW-2    OK. Where do you get your information from? And ah... as far as my name, phone

            number and so on

RG        We originally picked up the story from a newspaper article in the Aberdeen Daily


SW-2    OK

RG        And we contacted the Westport Police Department, and we got the name of the...and

            telephone number of Paul Savage and also Frank Anderson.

SW-2    Right

RG        And... I believe the lady at the police department gave us the name of your brother

            and he in turn gave us your name and telephone number.

SW-2    OK. God, that’s very true. Well I was just curious

RG        A ha

SW-2    It’s... an honest question

RG        SURE! [Break in recording]      
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RG        ....get the testimony of as many witnesses as possible on this particular incident.

SW-2    No. That’s fine...ah... it’s very sketchy, I can tell you what I... what I observed, and

            ...I don’t know...I don’t have very strong feelings one way or the other. I feel it’s

            possible. You understand me? So ah... and like I say it was probably about eightish in

            the morning I believe. I don’t know what the rest of them told you. But I definitely

            (recollect?) breakfast and ah... now what do you need to know?

RG        Ok. What we want to know is...just...ah...we want to get a complete description of

            how you saw the object, and also import here is we’re trying to find out how many

            people actually saw the object leave.

SW-2    Well this is something that none of us...on Paul’s boat saw. And I’m sure it’s been

            explained to you...by both Paul and my brother Walt. My other brother, he was in the

            cabin and he didn’t see it.

RG        A ha

SW-2    Ah... Paul brought this to my attention, we were just pulling around, trawling, you

            know. And he looked up; he says “What’s that up there?” And I said “Hell I don’t

            know”. And whatever it was, was dead still.

RG        A ha

SW-2    And this was a clear blue sky, believe it or not. Ah, because it was a beautiful day. And

            it was bright in appearance, but it didn’t move.

RG        Yes

SW-2    And he said it sure as hell isn’t a plane, and I said I agree. And I suppose, and I’m

            guessing here again too, we had looked at it for a minute, minute and a half to two

            minutes. And my brother Walt come over and he might have been looking at it for

            about 30 seconds. And at that time we got a fish on the line. So everybody diverted

            their attention to this, and there again, I would say the elapsed time would probably

            be two minutes at the most. I don’t know if you’ve ever tuna fished or not?

RG        No I haven’t

SW-2    Well anyway, you hand line them in.

RG        Right

SW-2    Ah...maybe I’m minimizing that a little bit. It might have been two or three minutes.

            But after we got it on board, looked back around, and it was gone. Now as far as

            leaving the boat, I didn’t see it, and I’m sure Paul didn’t’ see it, and er....or Walt. As

            far as...it was impossible, as to our mind of thinking, that something could disappear

            that quick.

RG        Right. OK. Now how would you describe the shape of this thing.

SW-2    Well I would say ah...you know what a pollywog looks like?

RG        Yes

SW-2    Like that.

RG        I see. OK. It was tapered that much towards the end?

SW-2    Yes.

RG        I see. OK

SW-2    In proportion

RG        Yes. What was the color?

SW-2    Color...it was... it was not bright, not...well it’s hard to explain that. I’d say dim


RG        A ha

SW-2    And maybe having a shadow around it...a dimmer shadow around it or a haze. If I can

            put it that way.

RG        Yes

SW-2    That was my impression

RG        Would you say that the.... [BREAK in text]...just from...just as you observed it?

SW-2    I would...no I couldn’t say that.

RG        You didn’t see any sun flashes off it then?

SW-2    No. There was no flash; it was just ah...no I couldn’t say that.

RG        OK. And you figured it was heading....you observed it from 1-2 minutes at least.

SW-2    Yes and I’m guessing there, because... your mind is on other things and it’s something

            you’re not even thinking about. You follow me?

RG        Yes

SW-2    And you don’t really realize...or you’re not functioning properly as far as observing.

            You know you see something; you see that it’s there. Right?

RG        Right

SW-2    But the thing that got me, when we turned around, it’s gone. And you’re talking about

            a clear day and ah...no obstruction whatsoever as far as haze or fog or anything. I

            think Paul made the comment “there’s no way in hell...a plane or anything else could

            get out of sight... out of sight that quick”.

RG        Yes

SW-2    That you wouldn’t see it on the horizon.

RG        Right

SW-2    And I agree

RG        OK                                                                                                                               

This reference: From Robert Gribble’s “UFO Reporting Center” Seattle, Washington 1975

With Thanks to Wendy Connors of Faded Discs Archive, P.O. Box 8552, Albuquerque, NM 87108. http://www.Fadeddiscs.com   
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Note 1: See case 11-12-1963 – EM effect at a mile away. The story above goes on to tell of another event where those fishermen lost radio contact because of the UFOs closer proximity –CF       
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UFOCAT PRN – 167117

UFOCAT URN – 167117 *U* UFO Computer Database by Larry Hatch, # 11401 © 2002       
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North America – United States, Washington

Grays Harbor   Latitude 46-57-02 N, Longitude 124-03-04 W (D-M-S) [Bay]

Westport         Latitude 46-53-24 N, Longitude 124-06-15 W

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/redirect.html  
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UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 46.93 N, Longitude 124.53 W (D.%)           
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An introduction to Robert Gribble's work by researcher Wendy Connors.-CF-
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Wendy Connors Audio Archive

PO Box 8552, Albuquerque, NM 871 98


Case Selections from Robert Gribble's

National UFO Reporting Center Audio Logs

Seattle, Washington
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In 2004 I received Bob's collection of case recordings for preservation and to allow researchers an opportunity to hear actual eyewitnesses to unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Bob has retired from his nearly 50 year research endeavor. The Night Journeys in Ufology Series will be issued by year with significant and unique sightings that give a solid overview of each years UFO reports from the NUFORC.           
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Robert Gribble began the Phenomena Research Reporting Center (PRRC) in November, 1974.
By the following year he referred to his center as the UFO Reporting Center. It later became
known as the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), which was taken over by Peter
Davenport in 1994, when Bob Gribble retired from active research.   
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The Center was operated by Bob, a retired firefighter, his wife Gloria and their son Rich. They and volunteers helped anSW-1er thousands of calls. During this time, Bob made contact with area law enforcement agencies, as well as the FAA and local military bases, which combined to keep information flowing to the Center. Bob and investigators such as: Jerry Phillips and Jacob Davidson, assisted by giving telephone reports to Bob or accompanying him during on-site interviews.      
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These telephone reports are culturally important, as well as providing hard data over a 30+ year period. This is one the largest collection of its kind outside the government containing the actual voices of witnesses to UFOs. A great treasure for our nation and a priceless gift to future historians and researchers from Robert Gribble.        
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Thanks Bob!
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