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I am wondering if anyone has reported this sighting?

Date: 1966 or 1967 Fall

Place of sighting: San Juan Capistrano, CA


While camping at the State park in San Juan Capistrano our family which included my parents and my sister who was 10 years older than me, were sitting next to our trailer, it was toward dusk - Since it was Autumn, the sun was still in the south west. The state park was crowded so there were quite a few witnesses to this event.

The object itself was conical/tear drop in shape. The more pointed end was in front - It had a silver/metallic glow but a window of sorts could easily be seen in the front. It was fairly large, about 45 to 65 feet in length and VERY close to where we were. Perhaps 200 yards from where we were sitting. The object emitted a low sounding, deep hum. It remained absolutely still for around 45 seconds and then moved at severe angles, including straight up, down again, across the horizon and at speeds which no conventional aircraft flies. It disappeared at least once and reappeared several hundred yards away.

UFO sketch by the witness, superimposed on a photo of a similar looking beach

This went on for about 5 to 6 minutes; people were standing on tables and on the roofs of their RV's to get a better look. Also, behind our trailer a green colored, state truck had stopped and the "Rangers" had got out and were standing in the bed of the truck to watch this spectacular show. Suddenly the "craft" zipped to an extremely high elevation, almost disappearing, we thought the "event" was over - people were all talking to each other about what we were seeing - Then the object sped at an angle towards the ocean and plunged directly into the water. It was gone.

We spoke with several of the other campers and the state rangers and we all agreed that this was something which was not of earthly origins.

I was 9 or 10 years old at the time. My sister and I often talked about this and became convinced of the spectacular nature of this sighting, unfortunately she died in 2000. Also, my parents have been gone for many years.

My Mother reported the incident to the Air Force who sent 2 agents out to our home to take an official report. At the time I drew a picture of what I had seen- The agents took the drawing, our written report of the sighting and we never heard anything from them (that I know of.)

I have made an "image" of what we saw. This is obvious just a drawing overlaid on an image of a similar looking beach made for the purpose of making my description clearer.

Have you had any reports of anything similar to this?

Best Regards R.Root (Pseudonym)

San Diego, CA

This reference: E-mail from Mel Podell, MUFON-San Diego, Area Director, dated December 17, 2005

However, up the coast, on the other side of Los Angeles at Vandenberg AFB, near Santa Barbara we have UFOCAT 46500 date of sighting 10-06-1967:

Numerous strong radar targets overhead, multiple radars (5). Scrambled fighters did not find. Speeds 80 knots, changed altitude. Elliptical, fuzzy, red+green light. Most targets over ocean.

North America United States, California

San Juan Capistrano Latitude 33-30-06 N, Longitude 117-39-45 W (D-M-S)

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/


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