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11-30-1957               MISIDENTIFICATION                        Professional Translation      

30. November 1957, Großmoor bei Hamburg.
Dies ist der erste Fall aus Deutschland, der auf der Wasser-UFOs gewidmeten amerikanischen Internetseite waterufo.net zu finden ist. Nach handschriftlichen Notizen von J. Allen Hynek stürzte am 30. November 1957 ein rotglühendes Objekt in einen See bei Hamburg, 30 Meilen von der Zonengrenze entfernt. Bagger suchten 2 Stunden nach dem UFO, fanden aber nichts. Der Absturz des 20 Zoll im Durchmesser messenden Objekts sei von mehreren Augenzeugen beobachtet worden.     
Es handelt sich hier eindeutig um „den Himmelskörper vom Großmoor“, der sich als „Reste einer Signalrakete vom Seenotrettungsdienst“ herausstellte (vgl. CENAP Report 129, S. 6).  

30 November 1957, Grossmoor close to Hamburg.   
This is the first case from Germany which is to be found on the American website waterufo.net, dedicated to water-UFOs. According to handwritten notes of J. Allen Hynek [Below-CF-], a red-hot object fell into a lake1 close to Hamburg on 30 November 1957, 30 miles from the border (West-East German border). Excavators searched 2 hours for the UFO, but found nothing. The fallen object, measuring 20 inches in diameter, had been observed by several eyewitnesses.
It was determined unambiguously that "the celestial body of Grossmoor" was the "remains of a signal-rocket from the German Coast Guard” (cf. CENAP Report 129, page 6).           

Reference for the above text is: “USO-Reports from Germany” by Ulrich Magin published in JUFOF (Journal für UFO-Forschung [Journal for UFO Research], published by GEP, Lüenscheid) dated May 2006.        
With thanks to Mr. Magin for forwarding me a copy and for permission to use on my website (E-mail dated Jan. 17, 2007). 

Hamburg, West Germany:      
       A glowing, red-hot object plunged into a lake1 just outside of Hamburg, possibly sometime on Saturday, November 30. 
       Diggers searched the lake1 bottom for two hours and finally abandoned the hunt after finding no evidence except for a trace of white magnesium-like material that was left in the hole.           
       The object was reported to have been seen by several people who stated that they thought it was a meteor. 
       The size of the object was about 20 inches in diameter and landed just 30 miles from the East German border.           
       Reports on the newscasts stated that this object was in no way connected with Sputnik Rocket Carrier #1.     
                                                                                                            Sources: All newscasts


Reference for the above text is: Undated, handwritten paper – Source unknown. Received,
with thanks, from The J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS): http://www.cufos.org/ 

Note 1: Please also note it did not fall into a lake, but a moor [Per Mr. Magin –CF-]   


Europe – Germany, Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg   
Latitude 53-32-60 N, Longitude 10-00-00 E (D-M-S)   
Reference: http://www.fallingrain.com/world/            

Freie und Hansestadt   Latitude 53-35-00 N, Longitude 10-00-00 E [ADM1]   
Reference: http://gnswww.nga.mil/geonames/GNS/index.jsp            

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