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The following is a letter to researcher Raymond E. Fowler from a NICAP Subcommittee member.

October 7, 1966

NICAP Massachusetts Investigating Subcommittee

Mr. Raymond E. Fowler


Dear Ray:

The following report concerns the sighting of September 17, 1966 by Mr. and Mrs. R. M. (address deleted) Road, Ipswich, Mass. My interview was held last night, October 6, 1966, at which time I spent two hours with both parties who gave me the following story and filled out the attached forms. The witnesses appeared to be serious, Intelligent and curious people who had seen something unusual and wanted some confirmation that they hadn't been seeing things.

The following narrative is as I piece together the story and it fills in the information not recorded on the report forms. Also attached is a sketch of the object, drawn by myself.

On September 17, Saturday morning at approximately 4:45AM Mrs. M. awakened with a coughing spell. She got up to get a drink and noticed a light in the Crane's Beach area, which is opposite their home, about one-half mile distant, and in a south easterly direction. She called her husband who joined her and they then spent one and one-half hours observing the activity, both from inside the house as well as through open windows on their porch.

The object first sighted was an elongated, cigar shape object standing on end on the beach near the water's edge. It glowed with a golden, white light, sometimes dim and then bright enough to see the sand around the base. It appeared to tilt to about a 60 angle from the vertical at times but they never did observe it leaving the area. It just appeared to disappear as it became light outside. One feature of this object was what appeared to be a dotted line effect extending from the middle to the ground at about a 45 angle. The description indicated what might be considered a ladder leaning against the object. The height of the object from the house appeared to be about 6" which would relate to something +/- 500 feet tall at that distance. This object was observed for over one hour.


During the observation period, two bright lights were observed above the beach moving toward the vertical light. These spots were about the size of peas and moved with a skipping motion, sometimes fast, sometimes slowly. They came together at the top of the vertical object, but as they joined, there appeared to be three lights instead of the original two. These lights then left the large object from time to time, ranging low over the water, disappearing at times behind the hills at Crane's Beach. One object, elliptical in shape, dark except for a faint glow that revealed its outline, moved low over the water toward the house. It moved to within one-quarter mile of the house and disappeared behind a small island in front of the house. Mr. and Mrs. M. never did see the object leave, but they didn't go out to the island the next day to investigate nor did they go to Crane's Beach to look for tracks.

Mrs. M. did call the Coast Guard the next day to see if there were helicopters flying that morning looking for the cruiser that had disappeared that week. The answer to her question was that nothing was flying at that time.

The night was clear with no wind. The moon was not visible but stars were. It was about half tide and the water appeared to be quite calm. However, although both parties involved said they heard no noise from the objects, they did say they could hear very clearly a sound similar to surf breaking on the shore.

Mr. and Mrs. M. were both most cooperative, indicating they would be glad to discuss any details in the future if necessary.

Respectfully submitted,

H. W. Eismann

NICAP Subcommittee Investigator


This reference: NICAP Investigation file by H. W. Eismann on October 6, 1966 .

Note: Questionnaire forms were also included but left out here for clarity.-CF-

With Thanks to The J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS): http://www.cufos.org/

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North America United States, Massachusetts, Essex

Ipswich Latitude 42-40-45 N, Longitude 70-50-28 W (D-M-S)

Crane's Beach Latitude 42-41-10N, Longitude 70-45-58 W

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic

UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 42.69 N, Longitude 70.77 W (D.%)

UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 42.69 N, Longitude 70.75 W [URN: 165787]

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