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Vessel Sights Moon-like Object in Sky over Sea          

       A flat, moon-like object shooting straight up at great speed from near sea level to about 5,000 feet was sighted at 8:15 P. M. Wednesday eighty miles east of New York by officers of the Netherlands’ government vessel Groote Beer.

       Capt. Jan P. Boshoff, master, said after docking yesterday at Hoboken that he observed the phenomenon through powerful binoculars. It disappeared into heavy clouds.

       He said he went to the bridge as soon as the strange object was sighted. He described it as flat, resembling the moon, at first grayish and then turning brighter on the lower part. It was moving directly upward and had bright spots resembling lights around the edges.

       Captain Boshoff explained that he had never had seen anything like it before, but he added that he was positive it was neither a meteor nor anything supernatural. He said he would make a report to the “proper societies.”

       Among the 426 passengers arriving in the vessel were Mr. and Mrs. Otto Boersma and their eleven children. The Netherlands' family, Mr. Boersma said, will settle in Minneapolis. He chose that city three years ago when he went there to inspect automotive parts being shipped to the Netherlands.

       The Boersmas will fly west tomorrow on a Northwest Orient Airlines Stratocruiser. A spokesman for the airline said they would be the largest family flown in one plane in civil aviation history.                                                                                                                                              

This reference: The New York Times, July 30, 1954, p. 33       

Note: Date information from the text above.-CF-

July 30, 1954 – publication date of newspaper - Friday

July 29, 1954 - docking yesterday – Thursday

July 28, 1954 - sighting - Wednesday 

Additional information:         

       Third officer Cornelius Kooey said the object made an angle of 60° to the southwest with the recently set sun. Measuring its altitude with a sextant at 8:15 P.M., he discovered its speed was about 32 minutes of arc in 1˝ minutes of time.                                                                          

This reference: Fate magazine, March 1955, p. 18      

UFOCAT PRN – Note: This case has so many dates ascribed to it that I have elected to use a different format here. First will be the UFOCAT PRN followed by a “/” and the URN number. The date of the sighting is in “[ ]”.-CF-      

UFOCAT 73258/150498 [Middle 1954]

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UFOCAT NONE / NONE    [Middle 1954]

            Fate magazine, March 1955, p. 18

UFOCAT 59461/073289 [Middle 1954]

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UFOCAT NONE / NONE    [Middle 1954]

            Unexplained Mysteries of the 20th Century by J. & C. Bord, p. 173, published 1989
UFOCAT 20965/021014 [07-??-1954]

            The Flying Saucer Conspiracy by Donald E. Keyhoe, p. 190, © 1955

UFOCAT 20965/020965 [07-28-1954]

            NICAP (National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomena) Files

UFOCAT 20965/020966 [07-28-1954]

            The UFO Evidence by Richard Hall, p. 134, © 1964

UFOCAT 20966/077552 [07-28-1954]

            What We Really Know About Flying Saucers by Otto Binder, p. 132, © 1967

UFOCAT 20965/097100 [07-29-1954]

            Newspaper clipping July 30, 1954, name of paper not mentioned but is probably the

            N.Y. Times above

UFOCAT 73258/073258 [08-??-1954]

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UFOCAT 59461/059461 [08-07-1954]

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UFOCAT 59461/022058 [09-??-1954]

            Computerized Catalog (N=3173), #0572 by L. Schoenherr, no © date

North America – United States, New York

New York City – Latitude 40-42-51 N, Longitude 74-00-23 W (D-M-S)

Reference: http://www.fallingrain.com/world/

UFO location (UFOCAT) Latitude 40.77 N, Longitude 73.98 W (D.%)


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