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Sighting report from CUFOS. Personal information purposely left out.-CF-     

       This happened several years ago when I was second mate aboard a general cargo ship (M/V “Ciudad de Barquisimeto”) registered at La Guaira, Venezuela, and owned by C.A. Venezolana de Navegación (Venezuelan Line).          

       I was on duty on the bridge of the ship, sailing from Maracaibo to Puerto la Cruz. At this route the coastline is quite far and no lights are visible. Around 0200 LT I noticed several red and yellow lights in my SBD side (Starboard=Right). At that time the radar was damaged and used my gyro repeater to take a bearing on the lights (I supposed was a dredge because the lights resembled the boom lights of the Venezuelan dredges operating at this date). Six minutes later I checked the bearing and noticed that was remaining on the same angle (collision course). The only thing visible were the red and yellow lights. Several minutes latter the lights were still in the same angle, meaning that the collision course was still maintained, then I ordered the helmsman to alter course to starboard 10 Deg., to my surprise after 3 more minutes the lights were in collision course again and getting closer, so I ordered to go to starboard again, with the same results.

       When the lights were too close, I disconnected the autopilot and went hard to portside (Left), and ordered the helmsman to check with the binoculars what was on the ship’s side, at this moment really close (estimated to be no more than 50/100 Mts.). He told me: “pilot, I don’t know what it is”. He was a very experienced man and I noticed he was scared. I only remember his family name: Marvel. He had more than 20 years at sea.

       I left the rudder amidships and ran to the starboard wing of the bridge, I only saw a black mass, around 50 Mts. Wide with several lights, moving on my side to the stern with no sounds at all (ships always make sound when moving). It disappeared several minutes later.         

Weather conditions: Sky covered with clouds, wind east, 10/15 knots. No moon, no rain.    

Items from the CUFOS report not mentioned above: 

UFO Distance: Nearest at: 25 Mts. Altitude when closest to ground: Sea level

Observed: An object (  ) Shape: Round/Oval

Sequence of colors: Steady/Fixed

Real size: Larger (  ) Smaller (  ) Approx (  ) Then  About 50 Mts.                                           

This reference: CUFOS - UFO SIGHTING QUESTIONAIRE – GENERAL FORM. Dated 07/12/2000

With Thanks to The J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS): http://www.cufos.org/

UFOCAT PRN – NONE           

South America – Venezuela. Body of water is the Caribbean Sea.

Maracaibo        Latitude 10-37-54 N, Longitude 71-38-26 W (D-M-S)

Puerto la Cruz  Latitude 10-13-00 N, Longitude 64-37-00 W

Reference: http://www.fallingrain.com/world/            


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