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ANOTHER NAVY REPORT - Classified, no doubt, but picked up by a ham radio operator listening in on Navy wavelengths. This is dated April 13, 1956, at 1:20 a.m. and is listed on page 18 of Williamson’s Telonics Research Bulletin for July-Sept. 1956:   

"... Something very large plunged into the sea only about a half mile north of us. It was all lighted up."     

Silence for a bit, then:            

"No, we saw no signal coming from the object."        

Silence again: 

"Yes, we are now cruising around in circles right over the spot where it vanished but there is nothing to be seen.   No oil slick, no signs of wreckage, nothing." The transmitting plane or ship said it would keep searching and report if anything was found. The ham listener heard no more reports.                                                                                                                                   

This reference: The Akualele Research Group Bulletin, Vol. 2, No. 5, Honolulu, HI, dated 01 August 1957.

With thanks to The J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS): http://www.cufos.org/  

UFOCAT PRN - 26503

UFOCAT URN – 026502 Preliminary Catalog (N=500) by Jacques Vallee, #430, © 1966
UFOCAT URN – 180045 Challenge to Science by Jacques Vallee, 217-430, © 1966
UFOCAT URN – 026503 Computerized Catalog (N=3076), #2102 by Jacques Vallee, no © date

                                        Note: This one shows Pacific Ocean. The other two show California.

Unknown location in Pacific Ocean – Probably close to California, USA           


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