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Sebago, 1945, WPG / WHEC-42

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November Crisis        

At NICAP, between attempts to phone Stokes, I had a call from Sam Gordon, science editor of the Washington Daily News:   

       "Somebody high up in the Coast Guard must believe the 'saucers' are real. They held a special press conference at their New Orleans office and released a sighting by the Coast Guard cutter Sebago. The cutter was cruising in the Gulf of Mexico. This wire story is a radio report from the C.O., Commander C. H. Waring."

       At 5:10 that morning (November 5), veteran radar men on the Sebago had picked up a strange flying object. According to Commander Waring, the UFO had raced around the cutter for ten minutes. Tracking it constantly, the radar men had seen it stop in mid-air, then accelerate swiftly. At one point, its speed was almost 1,000 m.p.h.

       At 5:21, the mystery craft, brightly glowing, was seen by four men on deck: Lieutenant Donald Schaefer, Ensign Wayne Schottley, Quartermaster Kenneth Smith, and Seaman Radioman Thomas Kirk. The UFO was then moving horizontally at very high speed.

       The last radar contact, Commander Waring said, showed the unknown object heading toward Louisiana. It had then flown 175 miles in seventeen minutes. [=10.29 MPM X 60 = 618 MPH.-CF-]

       To the Air Force, this published official report was a hammer blow. The Coast Guard was highly respected by the public, and its technicians and officers were as well trained as any in the armed forces. This was one time when a quick brush-off could be dangerous.

       Avoiding comment, the Air Force told the press the Sebago's report had not been received. This may have been true, though JANAP 146, binding on the Coast Guard, orders the swiftest possible transmission of UFO reports by teletype, radio or telephone.4

       Lack of Air Force ridicule in the Coast Guard and Stokes cases temporarily offset their debunking campaign. Noting the serious press treatment, many citizens were encouraged to report their own observations. By the evening of November 5, NICAP had logged scores of new, verified sightings.

Note #4 – On August 4, 1958, the Coast Guard wrote NICAP that this sighting had been reported as required by law.                                                                                                              

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North America - Gulf of Mexico

South of New Orleans, USA (See below)        

UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 25.78 N, Longitude 89.40 W (D.%) 

Ship’s History

See: http://www.uscg.mil/History/WEBCUTTERS/Sebago_1945.html


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