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??-??-1953                             Professional Translation       

A coastal vessel in the Mediterranean only a few miles off southern Italy, carrying a load of passengers, reported seeing a disc-shaped thing rising from the water in 1953.                  

This reference: Flying Saucers-Serious Business by Frank Edwards, p. 129, © 1966.


CISU Case: 161

Location: To the south of Sicilia (Sicily)

Category: C (Objects that surface out the water)

Evaluation: Insufficient information

Original Source: Edwards, Frank, “La verità sui dischi volanti” ed. Longanesi, pag. 225.       

Sighting Description: Addirittura uno dei più famosi ufologi dell’intera storia dell’ufologia mondiale racconta, nel suo celebre e raro volume, di un oggetto enorme, a forma di disco, che sarebbe emerso dal mare a poche miglia dalla costa italiana. Testimone dell’avvistamento sarebbe stata una nave che faceva servizio costiero, carica di passeggeri.   

Sighting Description: Even one of the most famous ufologists in the entire history of the world of this science tells, in his well-known and rare volume, about an enormous object, shaped like a disk, which would have emerged from the sea a few miles from the Italian coast. Witness to the sighting would have been a ship full of passengers, which transported people up and down the coast.                                                                                                                                           

This reference: USOCAT by The Italian Center for UFO Studies (CISU), © 1996 by Marco Bianchini. http://www.cisu.org/          

UFOCAT PRN – 19946

UFOCAT URN – 19946 Flying Saucers-Serious Business by Frank Edwards, p. 237, © 1966. 

NOTE: UFOCAT PRN 129571, dated 03-16-1953, about the ship SS Meir Dizengoff in the Tyrrhenian Sea off Italy, location 39.57 N, 12.40 E (D.%), sounds very much like the above except there no mention of the disc coming out of the water. “Small metallic disc flies >> ESE very fast.” Reference for this was UFOs: A History. 1953: March-July by Loren Gross, # 053, p. 13. -CF-           

Europe – Italy.

Unnamed location in the Mediterranean off southern Italy     


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