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00-00-1977 - U.S.S. Ponce

??-??-1977 – U.S.S. Ponce (LPD-15)          

US Marine Witnesses USO    

Thanks To John Colaw          

Editor's Note: This is a very interesting story not about a UFO, but a USO - Unidentified Submerged Object. Very intriguing. 

I was among a dozen witnesses who observed a huge USO in 1977, in the Bermuda triangle in the Caribbean. We were part of a large invasion fleet traveling on a secret mission to invade Panama to take control of the canal for President Carter. The ship was the USS Ponce, an LPD. It cargoed tanks, Mike boats, helicopters and marine landing parties which included myself. We were running completely dark, with no lights on deck whatsoever. There was no moon, but it was clear and you could see a little bit by starlight once your eyes adjusted. We were watching the phosphorescent glow that trailed the edge of ship, caused by certain plankton that light up when disturbed. This effect flickered like low flame, and did not extend far behind the ship before the glow dimmed out. Like an underwater magnetic field, dancing here and there while we watched it.            

Then we saw a large blue glow approaching our ship underwater from the stern. As it caught up to us, and began passing underneath, we sat on the fantail and looked right down at it. It was much wider than our ship, and it was pulsing almost like the way embers flicker. It was brighter and a deeper hue than the flickering plankton. My first thought was that maybe it was a submarine, disturbing plankton much like our ship did. Except the plankton effect seems to occur in the trailing edge and wake, not over such a large surface area.      

Someone else suggested maybe it was a whale, or a gigantic glowing squid. But one thing for sure, we were all dumbfounded as it passed the ship and continued off to a tangent to our own direction until we lost it in the tossing and the waves. The seas were not very high, and the extreme darkness enhanced the experience. It was sort of oval in shape, but being underwater one could not see a definite shape, except that is was about as wide as it was long and that our ship's length was about the size of its diameter.   

It then occurred to me that it very well be an underwater UFO. A submarine would leave a much more narrow profile, being longer than wide, as would a whale or squid. It did not emerge from the water, however.                                                                                                                  

This reference: http://www.ufowisconsin.com/index.html. My thanks to UFO Wisconsin and Mr. Noah Voss for permission to post this case to this site.         

UFOCAT PRN – NONE           

Note: Although I’m unable to fix a date on this (except it is prior to September – Treaty signed with Panama), there is an interesting case of a UFO in the Caribbean Sea on 06-24-1977 La Caleta, the Dominican Republic. UFO hovered over sea, put out tube from bottom, sucked up water. 2 inside occupants viewed thru windows. EM effect: car engine, numbing in arms & legs. 2 black cylinders absorb 2 UFOs, disappear.  UFOCAT PRN 119998 –CF-         

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