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Prior to February 1968 – Publication date of Fate]      

   Here is a secondhand report from a UFO observer's friend who vouches for his veracity: 

  "He (the witness)
was fishing on Hartwell Lake in Anderson when he saw a large object sitting on the water. At first he thought it was something the Corps of Engineers had put on the lake. It made a whirring sound like a hive of bees, and it had a metal tube coming out of the bottom at the side of it, as if taking in or letting out water.   
"By now he had decided that this 'thing' was not set here by lake officials. He was close
enough to the octagon-shaped thing to hit it with a lure. There was no (answering) movement. He explained that he tried to get help but his car would not start, the lights would not come on, and the horn would not blow. "A short time afterwards the object went straight up about 10 feet, came down upon the water making no ripples and back up and out of sight." — Donna Robers, Anderson, S.C.      

   Here we have a combination of the water factor plus EM-effects, plus the odd fact that the huge craft came down on the water without creating ripples. Perhaps this is another EM-effect — the electromagnetic field surrounding the UFO having the ability to hold water rigid to prevent waves. Thus another riddle is added to UFO history.

Reference for the above text is: Fate magazine, Vol. 21, #2, February 1968, pp. 57-58.    
With thanks to The J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS): http://www.cufos.org/

North America – United States, South Carolina           
Hartwell Lake   Latitude  34-21-27 N, Longitude 82-49-16 W (D-M-S) [reservoir]        
Anderson         Latitude  34-30-12 N, Longitude 82-39-00 W [populated place]          
Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic/f?p=132:1:2829025643471433
Note: There are only three UFOCAT dates that deal with Anderson, SC. in this period ’54-’68:           

02-17-1956 – UFOCAT PRN 26333 – 3 references all with the same UFOCAT note:    
Death of birds: Several thousand frantic birds fly off >S, some die. A silver wheel-shaped UFO was sighted by a separate witness.       

03-07-1960 – UFOCAT PRN 97249 – 1 reference (George Fawcett). No UFOCAT note.

06-29-1964 – UFOCAT PRN 98011 – MANY references
This one holds the most promise although it deals mostly with a car on thehighway, as the different UFOCAT notes say:     

Brilliantly lit top-shaped object made head-on passes at car, paced ahead,hovered and darted about; Rotating top w lights, repeatedly buzzed car.Physical effects; 8' diameter top-shaped object w portholes paced car 1 mile,5' directly ahead of car, top tilted toward car. Physical traces, physiologicaleffects; Object came straight toward driver, everything lit up, then objectmade 90 degree turn, flew up, over car. Inverted top w sides 6' long, w littleholes underneath, yellow flames; EM effects, sound, physiological effects,
physical traces. Spinning top-shaped UFO, hissing like snakes, hovered just infront of car for > 1m at 65 mph. Strong odor like embalming fluid. Damage.    

Also, UFOCAT shows Lavonia, GA on this same PRN. Lavonia is on the oppositeside of Lake Hartwell from Anderson, SC. Highway 59 in Georgia(mentioned in UFOCAT) runs parallel to I-85, the interstate highway which crosses Lake Hartwell.          

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