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A large number of "USOs" have been seen in the Santa Monica Bay and Santa Catalina


Note: Due to the number of spelling errors in the text, I have decided not to insert the normal “(sic)” notation-CF-.    

Name:                         Anonymous

From                            Llanberis, Gwynedd (North Wales)

Event Date:                 30/3/2003

Event Time:                 01:25/02:03

Event Location:           Ogwen Valley

Event Details:            

       Two cylyndrical/oval objects with a strange red almost neon like glow roughly the size of a medium family saloon car passed us at a distance of about 20ft away from us travelling at one hell of a pace causing us to be well the only way i can describe it is being levatated and thrown roughly 8-10ft after getting up in what i can only describe as shock myself and a few freinds looked on amazed as the two red objects that by this point were nowhere in sight reapeard over the far side of the valley hovering, one of the objects stayed stationary whilst the other overflew us at a moderate speed there was an ear piercing noise bit like a high whine now I know how a dog feels when u blow a dog whistle! the object that overpassed us shot skywards at a speed that I can only describe as amazing there seemed to be flawless transition between horizontal an vertical travel, the object that was previously stationary had by this point come to a rotating hover over the lake as my freind brought this to our attention the second object reapeared falling at an even faster speed and entered the lake causing an enourmous splash and then rose out of the lake further away from the point it had entered stopped and then stayed motionless just above the surface after a moment or two the other object rose upwards suddenley and the two shot upwards and vanished from sight, at roughly 02:03 and about half an hour of us all going mad trying to work out what the hell we had just seen the two objects reapeard to give us an amazing display of acrobatics for a further 10 minutes and then disapearing out of sight. Now I have seen various military aircraft in my time but nothing like these two objects for one they changed direction and speed to rapidly to be any of the current aircraft out there, and there was no heat felt when they blew us of our feet not even wind, no one in the group of 4 had taken any intoxicating substances within 72 hours so halluinations are out of the question, we have hopefully caught these on camera but as this only happened this morning we have as yet not processed the films.           

Witnesses:      Yes

Photographs:  Yes                                                                                                                  

This reference: UFO Sightings in the UK


and Thanks and to Albert Rosales of:

http://home.nycap.rr.com/iraap/rosales/index.htm for finding it for me –CF-

UFOCAT PRN – NONE           

Europe – United Kingdom, Wales. Body of water is an unnamed lake.

Llanberis          Latitude 53-07-00 N, Longitude 4-09-00 W (D-M-S)

Reference: http://www.fallingrain.com/world/            


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