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South Africa sphere switched on under water      

PORT ELIZABETH – On April 9, 2005, the witness reports seeing a blue sphere rise up from underwater and hang two or three feet above the surface. He watched for thirteen minutes as it slowly moved towards the dam up the river at 11 AM. He states, “My aunt's grandmother saw it back in 1936, I saw it 22 years ago and now I know where they're hiding.” Actually, this is the third time I’ve seen it. Uitenhage, South-Africa, 6229.    

Reference for the above text is: Filer’s Files #19 – 2005, George A. Filer, Director MUFON Eastern Region, May 4, 2005, Web: www.georgefiler.com      


Africa -
South-Africa.Uitenhage is inland, while Port Elizabeth lies on the India Ocean
Latitude 33-45-55 S, Longitude 25-24-08 E (D-M-S)   
Port Elizabeth   Latitude 33-58-00 S, Longitude 25-34-60 E    
Reference: http://www.fallingrain.com/world/            


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