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UFOs Over Ship in the Pacific Ocean

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UFOs Over Ship in the Pacific Ocean           

CAUS thanks Glen Hessling (LMCTV18@aol.com) for this report:        

       It was April, 1967. I was a soldier in the U.S.Army onboard the troop ship U.S.S.Geiger. We were enroute to The Republic of Viet Nam. Our position was somewhere between the Hawaiian Islands and the Philippines in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The time was approx. 2300 HRS. and a very clear night. We could see every star in the sky!

       Taking advantage of the spectacular view, I was sitting on the forward cargo hatch with some of the guys from my unit. We were passing around a pair of 1000 power binoculars to view the stars. It just so happened that my conversation with a friend was about my memory of seeing the Russian Sputnik spacecraft ten years earlier. In an effort to help visualize my recollection of the trajectory of Sputnik, I extended my right arm and pointed my finger up into the sky toward the Northwest at about a 45 degree angle. Then moving my arm toward the North in a slow and steady motion, I suddenly stopped my conversation in mid sentence.

       Up until this point in time, I always believed what the Government said about UFO's. This however, was about to change! My eyes locked onto two luminous disc shaped objects about ten degrees above the horizon. Due north, heading directly toward our ship. They were flying in formation next to each other and appeared to be about twenty miles away. From the apparent distance, these objects were huge! With my finger still pointing into the sky, I couldn't cover them both with it.

       My friend suddenly asked me what happened, what was I looking at? I told him to look and tell me if he could see what I was seeing. He exclaimed, "Holly S---!" "What the hell is that?" Since the guards were posted and standing near us, I called him over to suggest he contact the Officer of the Guard and let him know we have two airborne objects approaching from the North, and they don't look like ours.

       I yelled to the guys on deck to pass me those binoculars. Word began to spread and everyone on deck was watching the objects. They now appeared about ten miles away and closing. Altitude at night is difficult to judge but they seemed to be about 3000FT. Looking through the binoculars I observed the glowing under side of the object. I saw a round convex surface, glowing a white light over the entire surface. With traces of silver. The best way to describe it would be like looking at a pearl that was glowing from inside. The silvery substance appeared to be moving randomly, like flickering fire. Above the glowing disc was a large dark structure, round and the height was about one quarter the diameter of the glowing disc. The object was so close now I could no longer see the hole (sic-whole) thing through the binoculars.

       What happened next convinced me these were intelligently controlled vehicles. As they approached the starboard side of the ship, the object on the left turned to the West at a 45 degree angle and reduced speed. The right one continued flying south directly over the ship. After passing over the ship it made a sudden 90 degree turn to the West without loosing speed. Both objects were getting closer to each other again. The one on the left made another 45 degree angle turn to the West and they were again flying parallel heading west.

       This was a very slick and precise maneuver that seemed automated or programed (sic). I've attached a link to a diagram of this maneuver and an image of the objects. USS Geiger (http://members.aol.com/lmctvdata/geiger.html). We continued to observe these objects until they disappeared in the Western horizon. No longer would I let anyone tell me this was swamp gas or balloons. I now knew first hand we are being visited and this incident started me on a future of UFO investigation. Since then I've learned first hand things not many others know including the interior components of downed saucers. But that's another story.

       OK Peter, that's the incident that changed my life, woke me from my ignorance if you will. It will only be a matter of time before aliens will be running amuck on this planet! Keep up the CAUS.                                                                                                                                      

This reference: http://www.caus.org/miscufo/mu091599.shtml  With thanks to CAUS (Citizens Against UFO Secrecy) director, Peter A. Gersten: http://www.caus.org/           

UFOCAT PRN – NONE           

Pacific Ocean

“Our position was somewhere between the Hawaiian Islands and the Philippines in the middle of the Pacific Ocean”   

Ship information: Gieger AP-127 [Extracts from text]

Geiger (T AP 197) was laid down as President Adams 1 August 1949 under Maritime Commission contract for American President Lines by New York Shipbuilding Corp., Camden, N.J., launched 9 October 1950; sponsored by Mrs. Edward J. Hart, wife of Congressman Hart of New Jersey; renamed Geiger 2 January 1951 while under conversion for MSTS, acquired by the Navy 13 September 1952; and placed in service the same day.

After returning to Charleston, S.C., 23 November with 768 marines embarked, she resumed transport runs between New York and Bremerhaven. Arriving New York 1 June 1965, she departed the next day for the Caribbean, where from 6 to 17 June she operated off Santo Domingo to support naval forces engaged in ending civil war in the Dominican Republic.

Following two more runs to Bremerhaven, Geiger departed New York 16 August for the Pacific. Steaming via Pearl Harbor, she arrived Quin Nhon, South Vietnam, 19 September to bolster the Navy's transportation capabilities during the struggle to halt Communist aggression in Southeast Asia. Between 23 September and 1 October she sailed via Yokohama, Japan, to Pusan, South Korea where she embarked Republic of Korea troops bound for Vietnam. She returned to Qui Nhon 8 October; steamed to Cam Ranh Bay the 9th; then departed the next day for the United States, arriving San Francisco 27 October. Sailing for the Far East 5 November, she reached Qui Nhon the 23d and resumed duty as a troop transport. Between 30 November and 13 December she rotated ROE: troops from Vung Tau, South Vietnam, to Inchon and back. She departed Vietnam from the United States 13 December, and, steaming via Pearl Harbor and the Panama Canal, she arrived New York 13 January 1966.        

Geiger resumed transatlantic service to Bremerhaven 1 February and during the next 6 months made six runs between the United States and Europe. Departing Bremerhaven 8 August, she steamed via the Panama Canal and San Francisco to resume troop-carrying duty in the Far East. During 1967 Geiger shuttled between San Francisco and Vietnam carrying U.S, troops to holster Allied forces fighting for freedom in southeast Asia.                                                               

Ship reference: http://www.multied.com/navy/ap/Gieger.html           


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