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Case: 17

Date: 11 May 1986

Place: 15 nautical miles away from Casos island, Dodecanese, Aegean Sea.

Description: «Golden Veryina», a 4,500 ton liner with 66 passengers had sailed from Casos harbour when it started to experience strange vibrations like if it had been collided with an underwater object. At the same time the passengers and the crew heard loud bangs coming from the hull of the ship. “Golden Vergina” made an emergency approach to the nearest harbour (Ayos Nicolaos, Crete) where divers found that it had 6 cracks in its hull, the largest of which was 3 m long. The cracks were starting from the middle of the ship heading to the rear and they were 2-10 cm wide. The last crack was round with 60 cm diameter. Between these cracks the metal hull was severely deformed. There was no influx of water. At the time of the collision the ship (which had 4.8 m depth) was moving in waters with depth over 12 m.

Source: Nea newspaper, 13.5.1986.                                                                                     

This reference: E-mail from Turkish researcher Sefer Murat Aksoy. Greek USO cases from Greek researcher, Thanassis. Vembos Website: http://www.vembos.gr With thanks to both of the gentlemen mentioned above. 

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Europe - Greece

Casos island    Latitude 35-22 N, Longitude 26-56 E (D-M) [Island – Kásos]

Dodecanese     Latitude 36-10 N, Longitude 27-00 E [Islands - Dhodhekánisos]

Ayos Nicolaos   Latitude 36-53 N, Longitude 26-56 E [Island – Agios Nicolaos, Áyios Nikólaos]

Crete                Latitude 35-29 N, Longitude 24-42 E [Island –Kríti]

Aegean Sea      Latitude 39-00 N, Longitude 25-00 E

This reference - Greece Gazetteer prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., September 1955  


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