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11-14-1974               Professional English translation follows Spanish text         

NOTE: Date is derived from two previous articles. The first occurs on October 12, and then the next is “exactly one month later” November 12? This one starts as two days later or November 14th? The article following this gives a date of “14 days later, November 28th”. Thus it does establish the date as November 14th.           

       Dos días después, en Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, varios testigos vieron en la bahía una "bola de fuego" y avisaron a las autoridades creyendo que era un avión accidentado. El Servicio de Guardacostas despachó esa misma noche dos aviones y un helicóptero de reconocimiento pero la búsqueda resultó infructuosa. Jamás se reportó avión perdido en la zona.341     

       Two days later, in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, various witnesses observed on the bay a “fire ball” and notified the authorities thinking it was an airplane crash. The coast guard services dispatched, that same evening, two airplanes and a reconnaissance helicopter, but the search

did not discover anything unusual. A lost airplane was never reported in the area.              

This reference: Manifiesto OVNI by Sebastian Robiou L., p. 206, © date unknown.   


UFOCAT URN – NONE Manifiesto OVNI by Sebastian Robiou L., p. 206, © date unknown.     

Central America – Puerto Rico

Aguadilla - Latitude 18-25-46 N, Longitude 67-09-16 W (D-M)

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic.


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