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   Meanwhile, the South Pacific sky was still host to strange lights. One was seen between September 25 and 27 while the USS Beaver (AS-5 /ARG-19), a submarine tender with Submarine Squadron 45, was anchored in Buckner Bay, Okinawa. Machinist-Mate First Class George M. Reynolds had completed his four-hour watch in the engine room. Tired and very hot, he grabbed a shower, put on some clean clothes and "went up on the main deck" to "cool off and lay down." It was about 0100 hours. Reynolds was in a good mood. He was very happy the war was over. Joining the Navy in 1941, he had "made it" through the entire conflict, having escaped several harrowing experiences.        
   "It was beautiful and clear that night, as I laid there looking up at the stars," recalled Reynolds. "Not realizing there's a fourteen hour difference between me and my girlfriend back in Maryland, I wondered if she was looking at the same stars, and all this stuff. Catching my eye, I noticed a star directly above me. It was a bluish, a bluish white and it stood out like it was close, standing out stronger than all of the other ones. Wondering if it was an airplane, I doubted it because I could see no running lights on, no red lights, green lights, nothing like that. As I continued to watch, it started to move. And it moved down towards the south, made a right hand turn, then went over to the west, and stopped. It stood still. Then it started moving again, returning back into the general area that it had originally started from."
   The "bluish light "was about the size of a dime at arm's-length" and it moved in a slow fashion. Reynolds was puzzled by the light's behavior, but since it posed no threat, he fell asleep. The next day, he told his buddy Harry Owens about his odd sighting. Owens suggested maybe it was a helicopter or something. Reynolds felt it was no helicopter because he "did not hear any sound and it stood perfectly still in the sky, too still for a helicopter." Though he knew the "bluish light" was odd, he chose not to file a report.482

Note 482: Knowing nothing at the time, not even about foo fighters, it was not until after the war that Reynolds realized he had witnessed a UFO. Telephone interview, October 15 and 16, 2006, George M. Reynolds, MUFON Maryland State Sectional Director.         

Reference for the above text is: Strange Company by Keith Chester, pp. 195-196, © 2007.

UFOCAT PRN – 220516        
UFOCAT URN – 220516 Strange Company by Keith Chester, pp. 195-196, © 2007    

Asia – Japan,
Japan (general)  
Buckner Bay   Latitude 26-14-00 N, Longitude 127-53-00 E (D-M-S) [bay - Nakagusuku-wan]           
Okinawa    Latitude 26-42-00 N, Longitude 128-11-00 E [island]       
Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/    

Nakagusuku Bay is a bay on the southern coast of Okinawa Island.    
Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nakagusuku_Bay      

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