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Observations of unidentified submarine objects in Norway

by Ole Jonny Brænne  

       Shortly before 7 a.m. one Thursday in October 1952, Johannes Nordlien was waiting for co-workers when he suddenly heard a howling, jet-like sound. A moment later a saucer-shaped object, four meters in diameter, came at high speed from the west and passed by him 100 meters away. It impacted with a violent splash in the river Lågen. The object was white as snow, and Nordlien clearly observed its flat and round shape as it hit the water. When his fellow workers showed up, the water was still boiling. The loud, howling sound vanished as soon as he saw the object.                                                                                                                                        

This reference: IUR (International UFO Reporter), January/February 1995, pp. 12-13 & 17

Ole Jonny Brænne is associated with UFO-Norway, that nation's leading UFO-research group. An earlier article of his, "Legend of the Spitsbergen Saucer," appeared in the November/December 1992 issue of IUR.        

Possibly UFOCAT PRN – 134635 [Same date – no other connection-CF-]

UFOCAT URN – 134635 UFO Reports from the files of the CIA by Richard Hall, p. 11, © Fund

                                        for UFO Research, no date

UFOCAT URN – 174361 *U* UFO Computer Database by Larry Hatch, # XXXXXX, © 2002    
    Place of occurrence is Oslo, Norway, which, as can be seen by the coordinates below, is close to the coordinates for the river.-CF-   

Europe - Norway

River Lågen – Two coordinates given:

            Latitude 59-03 N, Longitude 10-05 E (D-M)

            Latitude 61-08 N, Longitude 10-25 E

Oslo     Latitude 59-55 N, Longitude 10-45 E [From UFOCAT 134635]

Reference: Norway Gazetteer, prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., May 1963  


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