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Note: In this case we have EM effects by an underwater object, just as in UFOs. Another detail not in any cases I know of, is the apparent transportation of the boat WITH the underwater object. See the highlighted text.        

       I was sailing between Santa Barbara Island and Santa Cruz Island. Visibility was maybe a mile, mile and a half, fog and haze and I saw a florescent green colored light, like… florescence on a watch looks like, something that color. I thought it was like a container ship or cargo ship or something or other coming towards me, and I thought maybe they had some work lights on deck, you know, big carbon arc lamps or something that was just taking and lighting up the sky. Couldn’t tell exactly, what direction they were headed, because of the fog and stuff, there wasn’t any wind, and I was under power. So I stopped, figuring that once I determined what direction they were going in, that I could take and motor out of their way, I was waiting and waiting and waiting, and this thing was getting brighter, but I couldn’t distinguish anything in it. I’m guessing maybe a quarter to a half-mile away; I finally realized that this dumb thing is underwater. Well, I’ve got a 38 foot sailboat. It’s fully instrumented except for radar. I’m guessing it was, I don’t know, maybe 300 feet in diameter, but I couldn’t get any vertical dimension on it because it was under me in the water. It literally passed directly underneath me. Now when the edge of it... when the edge of that light got to the edge of where I was at with the boat, I got a couple of readings off the depth, depth one sounder. They were like 100, 103, and 102 feet deep. Then the depth sounder quit working. The Knot log (Speed and also retains the speeds over a given length of time for a speed average –CF-) quit working. I went down to get a reading off the other depth sounder; it wasn’t working. The other Knot log on the sat nav wasn’t working.  I wrote done the position off the sat nav (Satellite Navigation –CF-); I had just done that like twelve minutes before or 13 minutes before. The position I wrote down was fifteen miles from my last position and there’s no possible way that the vessel can do that. I looked at my compasses; I’ve got three on deck, one at the pedestal, and one at each gunnel, (Gunnel - Wale (One of certain stakes of outer planking running fore and aft on a vessel) at the top of the side of boat; topmost planking of a wooden vessel –CF-) all three of them were slowly rotating, and I wasn’t. I took the depth sounders and the Knot log to an instrumentation company, they said there was nothing wrong with them, but they won’t work on the boat. I tried calling the Coast Guard and the radio was dead. No sounds, no surface to surface. I couldn’t detect, I couldn’t get any feeling for if there was any depth of the object. But there were other things that were weird that happened. The guy came up from that instrumentation company to take a look at it, and he said he had been working on compasses for twenty years and he had never seen anything like it. There’s little adjusting magnets in the compass; he said they were torn loose at the mounts, and that the mounts had been broken. I’m a senior electronics engineer, I’m a professional, I’ve been sailing for a long time. I’ve spent four years in the Navy. I’ve got lots and lots of miles on boats. I tell you man, it was weird. I have seen a lot of strange things out there, but I have never seen anything come even close to this one. And I just think about it and the back of my neck and my shoulders and my back just tighten up and tense and … it was weird. I was just to God damned petrified to move. It was just… I mean…it was really weird, it just…something just like… I didn’t feel any unusual motion or sounds or any of that business, it was just nice and quiet and peaceful and everything died and went away and… I mean this strange FM light went underneath me and magnets… the adjusting magnets for the compass on the pedestal compass had been ripped loose and broke the mounts of the compass. (Sigh) I don’t know, maybe it’s just coincidence and it broke under vibration, under whatever. I don’t know…                                                      

This reference: The Files of researcher Robert Gribble, with Thanks to Wendy Connors Faded Discs Archive: http://www.fadeddiscs.com. Transcribed by Carl Feindt.         

UFOCAT PRN – NONE           

North America – United States, California. Body of water is the Pacific Ocean

Santa Barbara Island   Latitude 33-28-32 N, Longitude 119-02-07 W (D-M-S)

Santa Cruise Island.    There are four islands named Santa Cruz. See reference below for all the coordinates. I’ve used Island “D” as it seems the closest to a visual reading on a map.

Santa Cruz Island        Latitude 33-01-00 N, Longitude 119-34-25 W

Note: Both islands, (Barbara & Cruz) are in the Pacific Ocean opposite Los Angeles, California.

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnis/web_query.gnis_web_query_form


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