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       Inocencio Cataquet, another of the local fishermen, related an incredible episode he had experienced in July 1989. The professional skin-diver and snorkeler had been one of the few people alive to have actually touched a sunken UFO.

       “…I was alone, fishing in the deep, when around 5:30 in the afternoon I became aware of an enormous, really shiny thing moving underwater … Ay, caramba! I swear to you that it was some two hundred feet in diameter.” Cataquet told the assembled UFO investigators. “The thing came along and remained under water some five hundred feet away from me, then it turned itself off. You could only see a slightly dark form at the bottom. It made me think, so I grabbed my flippers, my mask and snorkel, and went in for a closer look. It was some 25 feet deep, and when I went down, I realized it was round. It was flat on the bottom and curved on top. I descended even more, and got right over it. I touched it and felt that its surface was not metallic, but porous, like touching sand or cement, and it had an ashy grey color.  When I touched it, I noticed that the thing was sort of absorbing water, sucking it from the top, which was full of tiny little holes. You could feel the suction on your hand.

       Cataquet’s experience didn’t end there. “I went up for some more air and went down again. This time, I swam under it, some three feet from the sand at the bottom, and I felt it expelling water from underneath, as if expelling the water it was sucking in from the top. I could see fish swimming around me and it, when suddenly the thing lit up for a minute. I was scared, but I stayed. Then, almost a minute later, it lit up and made a nasty squealing sound, as if you were stuck inside a bell and you could hear the sharp vibration. The fish took off… I don’t know why I thought they were telling me something, telling me to get out.”

       The water started heating up,” Cataquet continued, “and I headed for the shore. After I’d gotten out of the water, I turned and saw the thing moving away really fast under water. After a while, I looked toward the horizon and saw this tiny little point of light rise from the water and head straight up, vanishing in the sky."                                                                                      

This reference: Flashpoint: High Strangeness in Puerto Rico by Scott Corrales, pp. 68-69, “A UFO Crashes in Aguadilla” ©1998.     

Note: The suction at the top and expulsion at the bottom is very much in line with what I have come to see of this field in action in reverse (as it comes out of the water). In any event the water circulated at either end does NOT enter the UFO, but is merely a product of the fields movement – CF-         

UFOCAT PRN - 193144

UFOCAT URN – 193144 Flashpoint: High Strangeness in Puerto Rico by Scott Corrales,

                                        pp. 68-69, ©1998.

UFOCAT URN – NONE    Enigma No. 27, pp. 56-60. “Pescadores Tienen Dramaticos

                                        Encuentrocon Ovnis En Aguadilla”, by Jorge Martín

Central America – Puerto Rico

Aguadilla          Latitude 18-25-46 N, Longitude 67-09-16 W (D-M-S)

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnis/web_query.gnis_web_query_form  


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