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A UFO Crashes in Aguadilla  

       The fishermen of this coastal community have undergone an amazing number of experiences with unidentified flying objects ever since activity started up once more during the late 1980’s. Researchers Jaime Franco, Jorge Martín and Argentina’s Guillermo Aldunati, who happened to be on the island for a series of lectures, looked into the claims of these individuals.      

       Ramón Váquez, one of the fishermen interviewed, informed the researchers that in 1987, he and his friends were fishing at a location known as El Manguillo, near the Peña Blanca sector, at around half past midnight. As they performed their work, a round “thing”, described as very large and bright, plummeted from the starry skies into the ocean about a mile away from the fishermen’s position. According to Vázquez, the object hit the surface with a loud booming sound, sending up sheets of water. He told the researchers that the “thing” remained “lit”, issuing a blinding yellowish light reminiscent of a welding arc.   

       When asked to be more specific in describing the object, the fisherman estimated its diameter as between 400 or 500 feet, flat on top but convex underneath. Vázquez speculated that if what he and his friends saw that night in 1987 had been a bolide or meteor, it would not have glowed in the way that it did. Furthermore, the fishermen were considerably upset by the event, heading for shore as quickly as possible, leaving their nets behind.                           

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Central America – Puerto Rico

Aguadilla          Latitude 18-25-46 N, Longitude 67-09-16 W (D-M-S)

El Manguillo      Unable to locate

Peña Blanca     Unable to locate [White Rock]

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic.


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