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[Continuation of: MM-??-1998 “An Encounter At Sea by Boatswain’s Mate, USS Shiloh (CG-67)-CF-]

I was soon to learn that I would be witness to yet another incredible and bizarre experience. It was several months later that our ship was once again out to sea... this time in the Pacific Ocean. It was approximately 0130 and I was standing starboard lookout. I had been watching the foam churn up around the hull of the ship as it passed through the water and the glow of the phosphorus turned the white wash to a luminescent green. My attention was suddenly turned toward what looked like an approaching surface contact. Within a few moments, I could tell that the object in question seemed to be below the actual surface of the ocean. The contact was a mere 100 yards off the starboard side, just aft of our ship at a bearing of approximately 165 degrees. As I examined the approaching contact, it seemed that there were only two white lights, parallel to each other. I realized that this contact was not on the horizon (the horizon has a distance from the ship at any given time of about ten to twelve miles). The contact appeared to be 'riding' along side of us, and at the same time, beginning to accelerate past us. Shortly thereafter, the messenger of the watch came out to the starboard wing (by this time, I had reported the contact to the bridge), followed by the Conning Officer, the Boatswain's Mate of the Watch and the Operations Specialist. We watched the object pass us while it remained fully submerged at a depth that seemed only twenty-five to thirty feet. The object appeared to be moving at a speed only slightly greater than our own.     

We all made our guesses as to what the object might be, but no one single person was absolutely certain of what it was. The fact that the object was so near prompted us to shine a floodlight in its direction. In doing so, we still could not ascertain what the lights were connected to. Keeping in mind that a submarine has no under-water lights attached to its hull and it was clearly under the surface of the water, we quickly ruled out the possibility that it was anything mundane. We continued our present course and speed until the object had completely passed us.            

The captain was not notified of the incident at the time (of course, being only an enlisted member of the crew, I was never made aware of whether or not he was told). We were all left scratching our heads. On that note, if anyone does have any information on what type of craft or object it might have been, or if you are a former Naval member that had a similar sighting, please respond via Cosmic Conspiracies. I just wanted to share some of the very bizarre events that I have witnessed first hand on those long, dark nights at sea.

Name withheld to protect privacy.                                                                                          

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UFOCAT PRN – NONE           

Pacific Ocean – Unknown location       


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