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This is a transcription from an audio recording on CD. See Fadded Discs & Wendy Connors at the end of the case text –CF- 

WI – Witness’s Initials

RG – Interviewer – Robert (Bob) Gribble         

RG - Mr. (Witness’s Name), this is Bob Gribble of Phenomena Research in Seattle. We understand that you saw something here the other night. We were wondering if we could get a description of your experience.

WI - Yes. Eight thirty in the morning. I live at… on Anderson Island.

RG - Yes

WI – and were up… right on the edge of a hundred and sixty foot cliff above the water. And I have an unobstructed view of at least 180 degrees, from my viewpoint and all of a sudden I saw this object coming from the northeast…do you know where Ketron Island is?

RG - Yes

WI – Oh… OK. It was coming from Ketron Island, along that shore, which is… belongs to… its part of Lewis reservation1…you know? It was way out by that shore… and it was coming down the sound at quite a clip…fast clip. And this was a half moon object, not a flying saucer type.

RG - Yes

WI – But it was half moon, and it was quite thick in the front part of it. You know.

RG - Yes

WI - In other words it was half-moon and just …then it was going that… forward in that direction, and it was just skimming on top of the water an it dove into the water, and disappeared… made a big…


RG – Appears we were disconnected.

WI – (Laughter) Yes I guess we did…after all this program. Incidentally I’ll try to start this all over again. That it was coming from the Ketron Island area, along the far shore, an I could see everything clear beyond… Nisqually Flats. You know where that is?

RG - Yes

WI – It came along and it probably was even with Dupont, but it dove into the water. You know where Dupont is?

RG – No…I don’t think so.

WI – Well Dupont is right across from where I live.


WI – OK. And I live on Cole Point, Anderson Island

RG – Right


RG – Right

WI – All right. When it got just about to Dupont, it dove into the water and left a big foam spray like deal, when it went into the water.

RG - Yes

WI – And it disappeared. And I kept looking and wondering what the heck it was, you know, and pretty soon, ah maybe… a… six seconds or so, it surfaced again, and skimmed… on top of the water, oh… about a hundred feet above the water, and it continued on for quite a ways, and then when it got to approximately even with Nisqually flats, it dove into the water again and I lost… I couldn’t see it again after that. If it came up again, I don’t know. It disappeared, and I couldn’t see anything beyond that point. That’s what a… that’s my version of the whole thing.

RG – I see. What was…approximately, what was the time lapse from the time you first saw it till it just disappeared the last time.

WI – Oh it was… about… not over two minutes. It was very fast; it was moving at quite a speed, and just a… darndest thing I ever saw in my life. I can’t…  I was just really… I always keep binoculars right by the window, and we are leaving for Mexico for three months… in a couple of days, and we had loaded them in our motor home.  That’s hindsight; I might have gotten a better view of it with our binoculars. But it was very clear and it was very…there was no… there wasn’t any doubt about what I saw.

RG – Yes. Now your side of the island, is that facing west, I mean east.

WI – No. It’s facing south-

RG – South. Due south

WI – Due south

RG – OK. And the weather was fairly good then?

WI – Yes. The weather was clear, and the water was smooth, there wasn’t a ripple on the water. It was just like glass.

RG – Yes. Now you were observing this from indoors.

WI – From indoors. Yes

RG – I see.

WI – We have sixteen feet of glass here, and ah… on the front of our home. And we have… like I said we have an unobstructed view for at least 180 degrees.

RG – I see. Were there any ships or boats on the water at the time?

WI – Not at the time. There wasn’t a boat or ship in sight, and shortly after that, there was a lot of boats.

RG – I see.

WI – But ah…but where they were at this time I can’t figure out, but right after that there were more boats than I had seen since last summer.

RG – I see. Well then somebody in authority probably heard about that also, and sent boats out.

WI – Lot of boats, lot of boats. It just seamed like they just were swarming shortly after that.

RG – Would that be in the area where this thing finally went into the water and didn’t come out again?

WI – Yes. Ah ha. Yeah. And ah…do you know where the… well Nisqually Flats are, and the point…on south… the southern point of Anderson Island is?

RG – Yes. I know of the island. Yes

WI – Well… I heard from friends of mine… they go fishing a lot, that there were probably 50 boats out there… later, after that ah… but they were all fishing of course. They weren’t looking for what I saw.

RG – Yes. Now I want to get a confirmation of the date. Was that Sunday morning or Monday morning?

WI – No that was Saturday

RG – Saturday morning, the 18th

WI – Saturday morning, yeah the 18th at 8:30, exactly 8:30 in the morning. My wife wasn’t up yet… I was… hollered at her but the time she got there it was of course gone.

RG – Of course you… have you heard any discussion among your friends or neighbors about seeing it at all?

WI – No. I told my… I wasn’t even going to report it because I figured people wouldn’t believe me anyway. So…and…but some of our friends said I should report it, that’s how come I reported it.

RG – I see. Well let’s see… and then…

WI – It was really… It was really… quite exciting or whatever you want to call it.

RG – Yes. I know what you mean (Laughter from both). Did you notice any aircraft in the area, later?

WI – No we didn’t have any aircraft in the area at the time or afterwards... at all. No. I’m sure it wasn’t an airplane, because it was a big object, I’d say it was…Oh… maybe the front of it was 75 feet long… in this half moon deal. But it’s…well just began moving at this terrific speed, and how it could dive into the water and surface again it just quite puzzling to me.

RG – Yes. Did you see any surface features or openings or lights or anything on this object?

WI – No. It was a light gray color, kind of a white-grayish color, and I saw no openings on it. Of course it was… it’s about… from my home across to the other side is probably about two miles.

RG – I see.

WI – So I couldn’t see any windows or anything if there was, such a thing in it.

RG – No electrical interference in your area that you noticed?

WI – Well I didn’t notice any at the time, I didn’t have the radio on or anything. Although… Oh… you talked about discussion. A friend of mine, she said that compared to before that there were some other sightings around the Narrows Bridge. Now I didn’t… I don’t know if ???? saw or not people said that… friends of mine said that radio communications… they couldn’t… they couldn’t get the radios to work for about ten minutes

RG – Yes. We heard about that report.

WI – Yeah

RG – Yes that was another very large object

WI – Yeah, ah-ha. And that was the next day I believe, after this happened… what I saw. See…then it was…Oh well…  Oh my wife said that was just after Christmas. I might have that mixed up, I think. But what I saw, I know I saw and it was there. It was no… ah imagination because I’m not the type to imagine things, I’ve been a pilot for 40 some years, 46…48 years, and commercial pilot and I flew for the Air Force during world war two, and I’ve logged 70,000 hours during the war, and I haven’t logged… I haven’t paid attention to the hours I’ve had since then or before then even. I’ve been flying many years and I’ve never seen anything like this before.

RG – I’d say you were a highly qualified observer then.

WI – Well… I would say I am. Yes.

RG – I wonder if I can get your address?

WI – It’s just Anderson Island.

RG – Just Anderson Island

WI – Yeah…98303

RG – I’m like to leave our telephone number with you, in the event that you see anything in the future, or hear of anything being seen.

WI – Well I of course… unfortunately were leaving… in fact were leaving the island tomorrow. Were going into Seattle for a couple of days to get my income tax figured. And were leaving for Mexico and we’ll be gone three months

RG – Well I sure hope you have a fine trip.

WI – Thank you. I don’t think I’ll see anything between now and then although I’ll be looking.

RG – Well, that’s fine.

WI – Yes. Well now what’s your name?

RG – Bob Gribble. G-R-I-B-B-L-E.

WI – Well I’ll certainly keep this on file, and if I see anything after I get back or before, I’ll will get in touch with you.

RG – Thank you very much for your time.

WI – Thank you Bob. And I wish we knew what this was.

RG – Ok. Me too.

WI – Thank you.

RG – Thanks again

WI – Good bye                                                                                                                        

This reference: Interview with UFO researcher Robert Gribble. With Thanks to Wendy Connors of Faded Discs at: http://www.fadeddiscs.com for providing me with the case.

Note 1: Lewis reservation = Fort Lewis Military Reservation –CF-      

UFOCAT PRN – NONE           

North America – United States, Washington

Anderson Island          Latitude 47-09-36 N, Longitude 122-42-18 W (D-M-S)

Ketron Island   Latitude 47-09-24 N, Longitude 122-37-55 W

Fort Lewis                    Latitude 47-03-42 N, Longitude 122-34-59 W

                                    [Fort Lewis Cemetery – approximate center of the base]

Nisqually Flats  Latitude 47-06-17 N, Longitude 122-42-15 W

Dupont             Latitude 47-05-49 N, Longitude 122-37-48 W

Narrows                       Latitude 47-16-52 N, Longitude 122-32-32 W

This is the channel coordinate and the bridge is slightly south of this. –CF-

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnis/web_query.gnis_web_query_form  


Note: If his house was facing due south as the interviewer had interpreted the meaning of “south”, the witness could not have seen Ketron Island (Northeast from Cole Point). So the actual direction in order to see at least a part of the island would be South-Southeast, which is also the direction of the line of sight from Cole point to Dupont (roughly 150 degrees). –CF-           

On the topographical map above, the small black dots represent houses. Of these only two, on the southwestern side could look directly at Dupont. So I used the center point between them to construct a protractor view of his view for both the due south and what I believe is a more correct direction of S-SE. The distance from shore to shore is approximately 1.75 miles.       


From the nautical map it can be seen (not here due to size) that the object had enough room to clear the bottom by a wide margin. The smallest depth is 23 fathoms and the greatest is 67 fathoms (138 to 402 feet respectively).          

An introduction to Robert Gribble's work by researcher Wendy Connors.-CF-

Wendy Connors Audio Archive

PO Box 8552, Albuquerque, NM 871 98


Case Selections from Robert Gribble's

National UFO Reporting Center Audio Logs

Seattle, Washington   

In 2004 I received Bob's collection of case recordings for preservation and to allow researchers an opportunity to hear actual eyewitnesses to unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Bob has retired from his nearly 50 year research endeavor. The Night Journeys in Ufology Series will be issued by year with significant and unique sightings that give a solid overview of each years UFO reports from the NUFORC.           

Robert Gribble began the Phenomena Research Reporting Center (PRRC) in November, 1974.
By the following year he referred to his center as the UFO Reporting Center. It later became
known as the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), which was taken over by Peter
Davenport in 1994, when Bob Gribble retired from active research.   

The Center was operated by Bob, a retired firefighter, his wife Gloria and their son Rich. They and volunteers helped anSW-1er thousands of calls. During this time, Bob made contact with area law enforcement agencies, as well as the FAA and local military bases, which combined to keep information flowing to the Center. Bob and investigators such as: Jerry Phillips and Jacob Davidson, assisted by giving telephone reports to Bob or accompanying him during on-site interviews.      

These telephone reports are culturally important, as well as providing hard data over a 30+ year period. This is one the largest collection of its kind outside the government containing the actual voices of witnesses to UFOs. A great treasure for our nation and a priceless gift to future historians and researchers from Robert Gribble.        

Thanks Bob!


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