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08-25 & 26-1952

08-25 & 26-1952     

3 Carpenters “See” Saucer Dive into Lake  


       Three carpenters yesterday swore they saw a flying saucer dive into Seneca Lake at Watkins Glen. The carpenters said the saucer flashed "like a bright sheet of silver" across the horizon and then took a nosedive into the lake, kicking up a 10-foot splash. But state police said as far as they are concerned, they are not going to investigate. They pointed out that the lake is 200 feet deep in some places, and they do not intend to waste their time with any grappling operations. 

This source: The original RomeikE press clipping, from The Herald, Sharon, PA., dated August 27, 1952.



       Report of two “flying saucers” over the village was made by Mrs. Marion Granston of 315 N. Glen Ave., Monday morning.

       She said that the two saucers were seen at 9:30 just over the “top of our elm tree.”

      “They were like big silver balls gliding through the air,” she added. “They were very plain.”

       The two “balls” disappeared over Seneca Lake after proceeding eastward, the woman reported.

       The woman added that neighborhood children could also plainly see the “saucers.” She identified them as William, Ronald, and Robert Pierce, who lived nearby. They called Mrs. William Pierce, Sr., but she came out too late to see the discs.

       The woman, who reported the occurrence to newsmen, was told to call Civil Defense headquarters at the office of Atty. Lafayette Argetsinger, Jr.

       Another “flying saucer” was reported to have plunged into Seneca Lake Monday morning.[which was the 25th]

       The incident was reported by three workmen who said the object fell into the lake about 150 feet offshore near Glen Eldridge on the east side of the lake about five miles from the village. They said it splashed water about 8 or 10 feet into the air.

       The men, all carpenters, were Ray Andrew, Alfred Sullivan, and Clayton Crout. They told state police that while working near the lake, they saw a “bright object like a sheet of steel come through the air.”

       “Suddenly it crashed into the lake,” they said, “and splashed water 8 to 10 feet high.” In the Tompkins County village of Trumansburg, due northeast of here, several persons reported that they saw five jet planes pursuing a flying saucer.

       U.S. Air Force officials at Hancock Field, Syracuse, said that jet planes from the base of the 32nd Air Division Defense here were on maneuvers in the Schuyler County area of Watkins Glen but said they did not know they were chasing flying saucers.

       Air Force officials said they would investigate the Seneca Lake incident. Air spotters in the Schuyler area said they did not sight anything unusual in the area during the day. This is the first time that flying saucers have been reported in Schuyler County.                                                

This source is the original: Watkins Glen, N.Y., Express, dated August 27, 1952.       

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North America – United States, New York, Schuyler

Watkins Glen   Latitude 42-23 N, Longitude 76-52 W (D-M)

Trumansburg   Latitude 42-33 N, Longitude 76-40 W

Reference: The National Gazetteer of the United States of America, prepared by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the U.S. Board on Geographic Names, Washington, D.C., 1990   

Glen Eldridge – Is a privately owned point about 2 miles up the east side of the lake out of Watkins Glen. There is no public access.

Reference: E-mail from www.watkinsglen.com in response to location request.        

UFO Location (UFOCAT) - Latitude 42.38 N, Longitude 76.87 W (D.%)           


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