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Find No Basis to Report Of Airman Down In Bay     

       Hampton Bays—Chief Bo's'n's Mate, Roland Jean of the Shinnecock Coast Guard Station, came to the conclusion last night that reports of a man parachuting into Tiana Bay near here yesterday are a false alarm.

       Jean said that he received a telephone call from a Hampton Bays woman at 10:25 AM reporting the alleged mishap. A search by CG motor patrols, aided by Hampton Bays Village and Southampton Town police, disclosed no sign of a hapless pilot. A canvass of all Long Island airfields, revealed no aircraft missing.

       The search spread to Riverhead Township across Peconic Bay where Police Lt. John Gatz and State Conservation Officer George Thilberg scoured Peconic Bay with binoculars to no avail.

       The search was secured last night with Coast Guardsmen speculating that the woman probably saw a weather balloon released from one of Uncle Sam’s numerous weather stations floating into the frigid drink.                                                                                                    

This reference: Long Island (N.Y.) Newsday, Thursday, January 31, 1952. With thanks to CUFOS http://www.cufos.org/ for forwarding a copy of it to me –CF-            

UFOCAT PRN - 61168

UFOCAT URN – 61168 Long Island (N.Y.) Newsday, Thursday, January 31, 1952       

North America – United States, New York, Long Island

Shinnecock Bay            Latitude 40-52-17 N, Longitude 72-28-13 W [Shinnecock Inlet] (D-M-S)

Tiana Bay                     Latitude 40-51-26 N, Longitude 72-32-12 W

Hampton Bays              Latitude 40-52-08 N, Longitude 72-31-05 W

Southampton               Latitude 40-53-03 N, Longitude 72-23-24 W

Riverhead                     Latitude 40-55-01 N, Longitude 72-39-45 W

Peconic Bay                  Latitude 40-55-20 N, Longitude 72-35-40 W [Flanders Bay]

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic.

UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 40.88 N, Longitude 72.53 W (D.%) 


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