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‘Mystery Plane’ Crash Starts Hunt   

RCAF Air Sea Rescue men probed a “mystery plane” crash in northern B.C. waters today.

       Three separate reports from ships in the area of Hakai passage near Calvert Island told of the crash of a flaming aircraft Wednesday night.

       Flt. Lt. Tommy Futer flew a canoe1 for an unsuccessful search early today and another plane replaced him later to continue the investigation in the island waters, 40 miles northeast of Vancouver Island.

       Air Force search and rescue unit says no commercial or military plane of Canada of (sic-or) the United States is missing.

       A private plane should have filed a flight plan before proceeding over this area but may have failed to do so.

       It is also considered possible that a meteorite may have plunged into the sea.

       The three vessels reporting the mystery crash were the Cape Caution, the Betty Grand, the Department of Fisheries’ vessel Howay.                                                                                  

This reference: The Vancouver (B.C.) Sun of January 10, 1952. With thanks to the Center of UFO Studies for the document http://www.cufos.org/.      

Note: The day before the paper was published was Wednesday the 9th.       -CF-     

Note 1: The reference to a canoe might mean the “Blue Canoe,” nickname for an L-27A manufactured by Cessna, which is a twin engine light aircraft that could be used for search and rescue. See: http://www.aero-web.org/specs/cessna/l-27a.htm       

UFOCAT PRN – 61143 [DOS: 01-09-1952]

UFOCAT URN – 61143 Newspaper clipping: The Vancouver (B.C.) Sun of January 10, 1952   

North America – Canada, British Columbia

Hakai passage             Latitude 51-43-00 N, Longitude 128-04-00 W (D-M-S)

Calvert Island              Latitude 51-35-00 N, Longitude 128-03-00 W

Vancouver Island         Latitude 49-30-00 N, Longitude 125-30-00 W

Reference: http://geonames.nrcan.gc.ca/index_e.php           


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