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Both See Huge 'Saucer’        

UFO Startles Telephone Pals

       Mrs. Norman W. Rice and Mrs. Carroll Weston Jr. have joined a select but growing organization.

       Their initiation occurred when they did too see a flying saucer. And they saw it at close quarters about two miles apart.

       Mrs. Rice and Mrs. Weston, close and good friends, were chit-chatting on the telephone about 10.30 A. M. Thursday.

       Suddenly Mrs. Rice, who lives in Severna Park, said to Mrs. Weston, who lives in Linstead, "I can't hear you very well, as there is this very loud noise coming from over my roof."        

       THIS VERY LOUD NOISE got louder and louder until Mrs. Rice could put it off no longer and told Mrs. Weston to hold the phone while she went to have a look-see.

       And there it was, that huge oval-shaped flying saucer.

       Ohmygosh. She flew back to the phone. "You'll never believe me, but I just saw a flying saucer. It's right over the house. Can you hear that awful noise?"

       Mrs. Weston was maybe thinking her friend had gone round the bend and she laughed.

       But she didn't laugh long.

       AT MRS. RICE'S URGINGS, she decided to placate her old friend and went outside to prove to herself that there really aren't such things as flying saucers.

       Oh, oh, she thought. What is that mushroom thing coming at me?

       Yup, it was Mrs. Rice's flying saucer, or at least it was one which looked just like it.

       The two women decided to draw what they had seen before meeting at Mrs. Rice's house for some serious talking.        

       WHEN THEY COMPARED the pictures they had drawn, the two shapes were almost exactly alike.

       What the two women saw was a roundish, mushroom-like thing. There was a round dome separated from the flat body of the object by a band of clear, glass-like substance.

       The object was grayish-green in color and very dull with no reflection. There were no obvious propellers or other sources of motivation.

       Both women agreed that there was a fin on the top of the dome and that the thing was about as big as a small plane.

       MRS. RICE SAID THAT the object "made two passes over my house" so low that the snow in the backyard was kicked up in swirling eddys (sic).

       Then it disappeared down the Severn River.

       They made several phone calls around their neighborhoods and most of the people agreed that there had been a tremendous racket about the time Mrs. Rice and Mrs. Weston were seeing the object. One, a Mrs. Smith, said she had seen the thing.

       Mrs. Rice called her husband and he put the kibosh on any laughs anyone may have.

       "My wife is a sober, sensible person. She doesn't go around seeing things and then talking about it."                                                                                                                                

This reference: News clip, News–American, of Baltimore, Maryland, published February 24, 1967.  


NOTES — Telephone Interview           

Sighting — 10 a.m., 24 February 1967, Severna Park, Md.     

Witnesses: Mrs. Carroll Weston, 16 Boone Trail, Linstead, Severna Pk., Mi. and Mrs. Bernard

            Rice, 45 Hatton Dr., Severna Pk., Md. 21146  

Greenish-gray object size of small plane, circled houses of witnesses, threw shadows on ground. When first seen by Mrs. Weston was about 30' off ground. Had short, stocky wings, fin at back, front rounded, mushroom-shaped, another fin in center of mushroom. As object came down very slowly, making circles, family dog became highly agitated. At one time, appeared no more than 100’ away, made roaring noise, a "shattering noise, like a plane crashing." Was sunny, but snow "was in the air all over the place."  


Note: 97s sent to witnesses.                                                                                                             

The above notes were taken by Mr. Gordon Lore in a telephone interview with Mrs. Weston, and include information not included in the News clip article. 
With Thanks to THE J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS): http://www.cufos.org/ for finding these documents.       

UFOCAT PRN - 43604

UFOCAT URN – NONE  News clip, News–American, of Baltimore, Maryland, published

                                       February 24, 1967.

UFOCAT URN – 43604 A Century of Landings (N=923) by J. Vallee # 819 © 1969

UFOCAT URN – 43603 Data-Net Report, April 1970

UFOCAT URN – 43605 Computerized Catalog (N=3173), #2648 by L Schoenherr. No © date.

North America – United States, Maryland

Linstead           Latitude 39-03-53 N, Longitude 76-33-39 W (D-M-S) [Linstead-on-the Severn]

Severna Park   Latitude 39-04-13 N, Longitude 76-32-44 W

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnis/web_query.gnis_web_query_form  

UFO Location (UFOCAT) – None          


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