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Joe P. Hammons         
New Jersey     

I just finished reading your book The Gulf Breeze Sightings which caused a great deal of anxiety in me. I am a law enforcement officer and these feelings are quite unnerving. I have been in some "hairy" situations but only while reading your book did I mentally relive my own UFO experience.      
       Very reluctantly do I tell you of this most unbelievable event of my life. In June of 1986 at about one o’clock in the afternoon I walked from my house, two blocks to the bay. I can remember no reason for taking this walk but as I walked along the waters edge I noticed a line of bubbles breaking the surface of the bay. Approximately thirty yards distant, the bubbles became larger and larger and suddenly an object emerged from the water.    
       I was spellbound. Silver and disked shaped, it hovered a few feet above the water and then moved toward me. That was the last 1 could remember until I found myself sitting in the sand, the sun was setting. It was after seven pm.     
       I stood up and brushed off the sand from my Pull over shirt when I noticed it was in-side-out. I was confused about this but more bewildered about the time than anything else. I hurried home with thoughts of the strange silver object on my mind. My skin felt itchy and I decided to take a shower. When I undressed I was shocked to see that my buttock and genital area was "sunburned", as if I had been lying in the sun naked but there was more. The "sunburn" was absolutely complete. Every square inch of my private area was red! Between my legs, on, around, and under my genitals was red!        
       I have never talked of this incident to anybody because I know it sounds crazy. I am a career police officer and have no reason to make this up. I know I saw a UFO and I know something happened to me that day on the beach.           

Reference for the above text is: UFOs Are Real: Here's The Proof by Edward Walters and Dr. Bruce Maccabee, Ph.D., pp 132-133. © 1997 reprinted here with Dr. Maccabee’s permission.  

UFOCAT PRN 122366           
UFOCAT URN 122366 - UFOs Are Real: Here's The Proof by Edward Walters and Dr. Bruce Maccabee, Ph.D., pp 132-133. © 1997 (Above)          

North America – United States, New Jersey ? 
Unnamed Bay.

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